The 5 Best Tasers For Women

You’re looking for the best taser for women and it doesn’t matter if you’re buying for yourself or someone else. A taser makes an excellent option for self-defense and personal protection. Depending on your daily life and what you enjoy doing there will be some type of tasers you should choose over others.

The goal of this article is to give you a simple breakdown of 5 tasers that are suitable for different scenarios and lifestyles. This way we’re sure to cover the best option for a woman wanting to protect themself and just have more self-confidence when alone.

ProductOur RatingScenario
Taser Pulse4.8 / 5Stun Gun
Vipertek VTS-9894.5 / 5Standard Handheld
Vipertek VTS-1954.5 / 5Flashlight Taser
O-Mega Stun Baton4.2 / 5Large Baton
Police 519 Stun Knuckles4.0 / 5In Hand Light & Knuckle Taser

The Different Types Of Tasers Available

You may have not known there are a couple different types of tasers to choose from. So read our brief descriptions and see which one sounds more suitable to you and your daily life. There’s no wrong choice but one type may be more suitable than another for you.

Stun Guns – A stun gun is a taser that often resembles a gun but shoots out 2 barbed prongs that stick in the targets skin and tasers them. They typically can shoot a distance of 15 feet and have a taser duration between 5 and 30 second. These devices are more expensive, require replacement cartridges after each shot, and have limited battery life based on the number of times fired.

Handheld Tasers – These are the tasers you’re most likely more familiar with. They’re the ones you see in Hollywood movies and such. They’re a small device you can hold in the palm of your hand usually around 6 to 8 inches long. They have 2 electrode ends a few inches apart that run a current between them when in use. These tasers are much more affordable than stun guns but don’t allow you to shoot at a distance.

Other Tasers – You can also find tasers in other forms such as a baton, wrap around knuckles, or hidden in a flashlight. These type of tasers can be just as powerful and are less conspicuous. They’re often designed to be easier to conceal and hide with the goal just being to not appear as if you’re holding a taser at all.

You’re going to find at least one of each of these on our list. We’ve made sure that they’re the best option for there type and it’ll be up to you to decide which is suitable for you.

Real Life Difference Between A Taser & Stun Gun

Both the taser and the stun gun are great forms of self-defense they have a key difference in real world situations. That difference is the distance at which they are effective.

A handheld taser is going to require you to be within reaching distance of your target. You’re also going to have to hold the taser to them while in use to get the full effect. This should be at least 5 seconds of full contact to their skin for the best results.

During their moment of pain your target is going to jump back and away from you. That’s your opportunity to escape or subdue the target. The taser isn’t going to work like it does in the movies and make someone pass out. They’re going to be awake and struggling with you the entire time.

A stun gun affords you the opportunity to taser someone at a distance. This is another layer of protection between you and the person coming after you. A stun gun is also going to stick barbs into their skin making it very hard to get away from the taser.

Stun guns also can be used by direct contact after shooting your cartridge. This can act as a second line of defense in case the situation goes that far.

Both the taser and stun gun are good options for your protection but it’s important you understand how they’re used and this big difference between the two.

Why The Taser Is Perfect For The Everyday Woman

A taser is easier to use overall than other forms of protection. While similar to a firearm many women aren’t comfortable or experienced with using guns. They’re afraid of harming the wrong person or themselves.

A gun requires a different level of understanding and though it’s far superior it’s also highly regulated, more dangerous around children, and simply causes some level of anxiety for those not trained with them.

The taser still causes a great level of fear in someone coming after you. Like a gun, the sight of it may be enough to have them change their minds. Stun guns highly resemble actual guns and in the heat of the moment an attacker may think it is one.

Tasers don’t require a lot of practice to understand how they work. They’re cheaper to buy and maintain and can be concealed without a license. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally setting off your taser from snagging inside your purse the way you do with a firearm.

All of these things and more are what make the taser a suitable choice for a women’s self-defense and personal protection. As a man I know I would also feel much better about my female family carrying a taser at all times.

best taser for women

Reviewing The Best Tasers For Women

Below is the breakdown of each taser on our list. Make sure to pay attention any negative aspect we come across but you should be able to find a taser out of our 5 that will make a perfect pick for you. If you’re still uncertain after going through this article I recommend starting off with a standard handheld and then you can comeback for a stun gun or other option once you’ve gotten used to the handheld.

Taser Pulse Stun Gun

The Taser Pulse stun gun comes with 2 cartridges, holster, and target. This gives you a spare backup cartridge up front instead of having to make a separate purchase. This stun gun is has a body that resembles a handgun. It’s mostly black with yellow accents.

This particular model has smooth edges around the safety, aim points, and body in order to prevent snagging when inside a purse. It has a laser LED to improve your aim and for the person on the other end a red laser pointing at you is very intimidating.

The Taser Pulse is capable of shooting at a 15 foot distance. You’ll need to make sure you use the flashlight and laser light to land your shot because you’ll have to reload between shots. It’s a good idea to let your target get in a comfortable distance for you to land your shot with confidence.

While you’re probably not going to be running around and just firing off your taser everywhere you should still know the battery has a limited shot capacity and then it will need replacing. Also, if needed you can dry stun with this device. So if you’re in arms reach you can touch the front of the taser to them and use it has a handheld taser.

Pros & Cons: This model is very popular with men in authority positions. It’s frequently purchased for their female family members which is a good sign of its trustability and reliability among customers. The downside with stun guns is you have to buy replacement parts and the potential to miss your shot but the backup dry stun will come in handy if that does happen.

Vipertek VTS-989 Handheld Taser

The Vipertek VTS-989 is your standard handheld taser that you’re likely already familiar with seeing. This model is a convenient 6.5″ long and fits in your hands nicely. The body design has finger grips and a snatch prevention wrist strap. The non-slip rubber coating makes it feel solid to hold.

The action part of this device has 2 sharp spike electrodes to help penetrate through thick clothing. At this same end is a flashlight to use in the middle of the night. This is the exact style of taser you should go with if you’re uncertain about the others on our list.

It’s very affordable and budget friendly. Once you’re comfortable with something like this then you can always upgrade or try something else. This taser can also be charged from your home without any need for buying replacement parts. Plus it has a lifetime warranty.

Pros & Cons: This small device packs quite a punch and only requires 1-2 hours of charging a month with no use. The downside is you’re not going to be able to shoot at a distance with this taser. It’s probably the bigger con of this taser and the others except for the stun gun.

Vipertek VTS-195 Flashlight Taser

The Vipertek VTS-195 is a flashlight taser. It doesn’t get any stealthier than something like this. Anyone seeing you would only assume you’re using a flashlight and wouldn’t be any wiser. Stealth tasers like this allow you to feel comfortable with taser in hand and not feel like everyone is staring at you.

If someone comes up on you unexpectedly they’re going to be in for quite the surprise when you drop them to their knees with your “flashlight”. If you’re in a work environment where you can’t exactly be walking around with a taser but feel you need one for walking to your car etc… then this is exactly what you should be buying.

Similar to the standard handheld taser this one doesn’t require any replaceable parts so it makes it very affordable to maintain. The battery can be charged from your home and should be charged 1-2 hours a month if you haven’t used it.

At the price point of this taser it’s almost a no brainer to pick it up. Even if you decide to get a different taser you could pick this one up as well and keep them in different places you may need them. Keep one in the car, one in the office, one for the trunk, and one anywhere else you can think of.

Pros & Cons: Since it’s a stealth design taser an attacker may be more likely to come at you as to a taser that someone would easily recognize may deter them from even attempting to come at you. Other than that this is a pretty solid taser and a good choice.

O-Mega Stun Baton

The O-Mega stun baton is a large baton that’s 18″ inches long. it’s a heavy-duty industrial stun gun device. This isn’t a taser you’re going to be able to keep in your purse but it’s a taser that will definitely send a message.

It could kind of resemble an umbrella at night time from a distance but other than that this taser isn’t designed for stealth. It’s designed as a heavy, 2.75 pounds, blunt force strong taser. You may recognize this taser from the movies “Con-Air” and “The Last Boy Scout”.

The entire shaft of this taser is electrified when in use. It’s active in a complete 360 degrees and you’ll be daring someone to try and take it from you. This device is often used by the military, law enforcement, security, and animal control agencies.

Pros & Cons: I really like this taser because of its overall power and the statement it makes. While you taser your attacker you can also beat them into submission. On the downside, there is no safety switch so it could be accidentally activated.

Police 519 Over Knuckle Taser

The Police 519 Knuckle Taser is a very simple design that works like brass knuckles. The entire body is made of plastic but over your knuckles are the taser. The base you hold in your hand is equipped with a flash light.

It’s a secondary stealth option to that of the flashlight taser on our list. The bonus to this type of taser is it would be difficult to remove from your hands for the attacker. It activates by being squeezed in your fist.

This type of knuckle taser is quite popular but it’s not a personal favorite of mine. I just think there are better overall options but with its popularity and effectiveness it deserves to be included in this list.

Pros & Cons: It’s smaller and easier to conceal. The squeeze to activate design makes it very easy to use and functions as a built-in safety at the same time. On the downside, you’re unable to use the flashlight and taser at the same time. Also, the holster that comes with it is cheaply made.

Commonly Asked Questions

Which taser would be best for a woman jogging? – If you need a taser while jogging I would recommend the flashlight taser or the over the knuckle taser. You don’t want to appear to be jogging with a firearm and while the standard handheld taser would be alright you’ll be better off using a stealthier design.

How can a woman prevent being overpowered and having a taser taken from them? – My recommendation is to use a stun gun so you’re able to shoot at a distance. If they sneak up behind you try to dry stun their crotch with your taser or aim for the neck under the ear. The moment of surprise is helpful if they’re unaware you have a taser and will give you time to escape before they start going for your taser.

How do you maintain a taser? – Tasers don’t require any real maintenance but even if you haven’t fired it in a while it’s a good idea to test it via a dry stun without using a cartridge and charging it a few hours every month.


I hope you enjoyed our best taser for women review and were able to find a suitable taser option for yourself. No matter what taser you end up going with just make sure you get one because it could save your life one day.

Please share this article with all your female friends. Thanks for reading!