The 5 Best Taser Guns On The Market

In this article we’ve reviewed the best taser gun on the market. In fact we put together a comprehensive list of 5 different tasers so there’s some wiggle room to fit into anyone’s budget. With all of the excellent options out there it’s difficult to narrow it down to only 5 but below you’ll find our top picks for best taser guns.

The Characteristics Of A Great Taser Gun

There are certain features any and all taser guns are going to come with. There are variants that make some of these tasers better in some situations over others but we’re looking for the taser guns that excel in all areas. We want something that’s the cream of the crop and is going to perform the best when it comes time to protect you from an attacker.

Body & Design

Tasers come in many different shapes and sizes. Since we’re talking about “taser guns” we’ll focus on just that, the gun-shaped tasers. In this category, there are some tasers which aren’t exactly gun shaped though but instead of a handle and curved shape that can resemble a gun.

These type of curved handled tasers can be OK to use if you’re taking your taser somewhere you don’t want to appear to be having a gun. This may be an office or other work environment but you would still prefer to have a taser when going through the parking deck at night.

The other 2 type of taser gun designs are actually gun shaped. There’s a type which looks exactly like a gun with a colored end and then there are tasers that have a gun handle and the firing end is flat or shaped in a different way.

It doesn’t matter which one of these last 2 types you choose because the most important part, the handle, is the same. The gun shaped design and trigger make the taser much easier to hold and perform with.

So, when it comes to design aim for the gun handle design unless you need a less aggressive design for work or another reason.

Core Features

The core features of your taser are the voltage, shooting distance, and duration. The voltage of your taser increases the pain involved but won’t kill someone. Higher amps is what can lead to death. You want to have at least 50,000 volts on your taser gun in my opinion.

You’ll find a wide range of voltage in these devices and it does effect their price. If you’re using 50,000 volts or more you have enough to drop someone to the ground.

As for distance a lot of tasers are providing you with 15 foot of tether. Which is a decent amount of distance between you and a potential target. Just remember when you shoot that the prongs tend to space out so aim for the center of the person to make sure both prongs connect with your target.

You’ll find a duration between 5-30 seconds on most tasers. A lot of the single shot tasers go for 30 seconds. Double cartridge tasers tend to have 5 second duration but you can always find one with more. There’s also a few tasers with adjustable duration between these time limits.

Other Features & Settings

The other features you’ll find on most taser guns will be a flashlight and red dot laser to help you see and aim clearly. At the 15 foot range most tasers have I don’t think these are necessary but they can still be beneficial.

You can carry your taser in hand at night using the flashlight to see and then you’re a step ahead if someone approaches you. As for the red laser it can deter someone all on its own because it can be quite threatening having it pointed at you. Giving an attacker the chance to have second thoughts before messing with you.

One setting we mentioned earlier is the adjustable stun duration. Other than that you get one more option which is the safety but not all tasers have this. So keep an eye out for it if a safety is important to you. Even without a dedicated safety switch tasers have a multi-step process to fire which somewhat acts as one.

Advantages Of A Taser Gun Over A Handheld

With all of the different types of taser options available why go for the taser gun? The taser gun happens to be the overall universal best option for a taser. It provides you with the most opportunity to deter attackers safely without putting yourself at risk.

Even though these taser guns are the more expensive version of a taser they allow you to shoot at a distance and the sight of one alone can be enough to defuse a situation. These devices often resemble a gun which makes people think twice before being an aggressor.

The gun-shaped taser is also easier to hold, aim with, and use. The familiar grip of a gun is what we’re most used to and it makes this tool highly effective and it has saved many lives.

This doesn’t mean all other tasers are useless. In fact that’s far from the case. Other tasers just have a more niche use or purpose compared to the gun-shaped taser. Your other handheld tasers ranging from the basic design, hidden designs, batons, and very compact designs all have a use and place for self-defense and safety.

It’s up to you to decide which type of taser is going to be best for you. If you’re uncertain it doesn’t hurt to own different types because these personal protection tools aren’t very expensive and yet they’re highly effective.

best taser gun on the market

Reviewing The 5 Best Taser Guns On The Market

Below you’ll find our breakdown and review of the 5 taser guns we selected. Any of these tasers will make a excellent option for you to carry around but they do have there differences included price. We wanted to make sure there’s something for every budget and also included one handheld taser in our list.

Taser Pulse

The Taser Pulse comes with 2 cartridges, black holster, and target. It’s a gun shaped taser from grip to head that’s mostly black with yellow accents. This is our pick for best taser gun on the market. Once you own the gun the replacement parts are affordable.

You would only need replacement cartridges after shooting and you get 2 with your first purchase. The battery lasts 10 years or for 50 uses.

This device offers you a shooting distance of 15 feet. Also equipped with a LED laser for precision aim. It has a dedicated safety switch that’s flush to prevent snagging as well as flush aim points. Overall, we really like this device and everything about it.

It’s very compact and easy to use. It leaves no doubt in our minds that it’s the best taser on the market right now.

Pros & Cons: Many people in positions that require a taser choose this model to carry off duty or to buy for their friends, family, or spouse. There’s nothing major to point out in the form of a flaw or con for this taser. It could use additional features such as a duration adjustment or the ability to hold 2 cartridges to shoot twice without having to reload.

Taser Bolt

The Taser Bolt is a curved handled taser gun that doesn’t actually resemble a gun. It’s body and design is sleek and modern which makes it easier to conceal somewhere like an office or public location where something else looking like a gun may cause a scene.

This makes it ideal for the business person or office worker that still needs to leave the parking deck at night or works with the public during night shift. There’s many different scenarios where a non-gun looking taser that can still shoot at distance is the way to go.

This taser shoots up to 15 feet and has a 30 second stun duration. This duration is at the long end of stun duration on a single ride. It’s equipped with a red laser dot for precision aiming and also includes a flashlight so you can pull it out at night and anyone looking would likely think you’re only holding a flashlight from a distance.

If you happen to get caught it does have a dry stun feature that doesn’t use the cartridge and works based off direct contact. Just remember when dry stunning you have to maintain the hold on the person to get the full effect of the taser.

Pros & Cons: This taser gets high ratings overall from current customers of the device. The biggest con people have come across is with the body and design. The sleek shape is odd for some people to hold. Other than that people have been satisfied with its performance on live tests.

Taser X26C

The Taser X26C is bright yellow with black accents. You’ll get a whopping 6 cartridges at time of purchase and a black holster. The grip of this taser resembles a normal gun while the front is squared and it’s obvious that its a taser.

This is a professional series taser often used by law enforcement and other security jobs. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t use it for yourself. The bright yellow also helps distinguish the device as not being a firearm in case you encounter police at night.

The X26C has a 15 foot shooting distance and comes with an adjustable stun duration. You can choose between 10, 20, and 30 second duration. The entire device is quite compact which makes it convenient to wear on your side in the holster it comes with or to even conceal.

If required you’re able to dry stun with the gun. The battery is replaceable but I don’t think you’ll need to anytime soon. It’s capable of shooting 300 times before running out of power.

Pros & Cons: We literally came across nothing negative about the X26C. All customers had good things to say about it. If you can afford the price tag I think it’s well worth it!

Taser X2

The Taser X2 has a gun like grip with a sleek flat front end. It’s completely black with a yellow front end from the cartridge. This is a professional grade taser gun made by the Taser company. It’s the most expensive taser on this list but it does come with a blackhawk holster and 2 cartridges.

This is the only taser on our list that’s capable of holding 2 cartridges at once that are both ready to fire. If you miss or have multiple targets this is exactly what you would need. It’s equipped with a dual LED laser sight to accurately display where each prong will potentially land.

It has a display screen that indicates power level, self-diagnostics, status data, cartridge type, and even a clock if you want to know what time you pulled the trigger! It also has an ambidextrous safety switch to prevent accidental discharge and of course it has a nice LED flashlight to use in the dark.

Pros & Cons: Overall no one had anything bad to say about this taser and there was a lot of praise about the additional features it provides. The biggest con we came across is the high price tag. I think you would be fine going with the Taser Bolt and saving the extra money.

Vipertek VTS-989

The Vipertek VTS-989 is the only option on our list that isn’t a taser gun at all. This is a direct handheld taser that’s simple and effective. It’s also going to be the most affordable option on our list by far. Of course you won’t be able to shoot at distance though.

My recommendation is to own this taser along with a taser gun. This way you will have one for different situations or can keep one in your vehicle. That way if you forget to bring your taser gun or don’t want to wear the holster etc… you still have a quick and easy option to go with for your personal protection.

It has a wrist strap to prevent snatch theft and is equipped with an LED flashlight to use at night. There’s no dedicated safety switch but it does use a 2 click and trigger system before it will go off. This taser also has spiked electrodes to help penetrate clothing and stick to the target.

Just don’t forget that with these dry stun tasers you need to stick your taser to the person for a few seconds to get the most out of it. Also, the sound alone is often enough to deter someone from messing with you.

Another great thing about this taser is there are no replaceable parts to buy. You can recharge this taser at home on your outlet wall. It has a non-slip rubber coating and a lifetime warranty.

Pros & Cons: The real-life reviews on this product are quite funny. One man purchased this for his wife and let her test it on him. He’s 6’2″ and 250lbs and it dropped him in a second. Overall customers are happy with the product. The downsides are obvious since we’re talking about taser guns and this is a handheld. Just remember that it’s a smart idea to own more than one taser.

Commonly Asked Questions

What if my first shot misses? – If your taser isn’t equipped to shoot twice then you’ll need to reload. The reload on a taser is very quick and easy because it just pops right in. A lot of tasers also hold a spare cartridge in the handle so you will have one on you. Also, make sure they’re close enough you don’t miss.

What should I do after tasering someone? – Tasers are designed to help deter, prevent, and escape. Once you successfully land your shot you should hold the trigger for the 5-30 second duration and then immediately escape the situation.

Can tasering someone kill them? – No, tasering someone cannot and will not kill them from the voltage. If something severe happens to the person it would be from anxiety or excitement. They could have a heart attack from the stress but it won’t be because of the electricity. There have been countless studies done and none of them show tasers affecting the heart enough to kill someone.


I hope you enjoyed this article on the best taser gun on the market. Out of the 5 taser options we presented to you there should be something that fits within your budget. Any of these 5 tasers make excellent personal protection devices.

Make sure to share this article with your friends and family so they can get their own taser for self-defense. Thanks for reading!

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