The 5 Best Stun Guns For A Woman

In today’s world everyone should be carrying some form of personal protection. A lot of women don’t want to carry around a firearm but, still need a way to defend themselves from an attacker. That’s where stun guns come into play and it’s why we’ve put together this guide for the best stun gun for a woman.

ProductOur RatingScenario
Taser Bolt 15ft Distance4.6 / 5Our Pick
Taser Pulse 15ft Distance4.3 / 5Alternative
Vipertek VTS-989 (Hand Held)4.0 / 5Budget Friendly
Taser X24.8 / 5Professional
Taser X26C4.8 / 5Professional

Why a Stun Gun and Not Something Else?

With options such as guns, knives, pepper spray, and blunt force objects, why should you go with a stun gun? The stun gun provides several advantages over these other options. It typically provides you with more range and is less lethal than using something else.

Why does it matter how lethal your weapon is?

 Unfortunately, we live in a time where your attacker can potentially sue you for how you choose to defend yourself. There have been cases of these bad men claiming the person they attacked used excessive force or maybe they try to skirt the line by stealing property outside your house without entering your home making it more complicated if you were to shoot them.

Either way if any of these scenarios are something you want to avoid then using a stun gun is exactly the route you should take.

Another reason why stun guns make excellent self-defense tools for women is because you don’t have to deal with critically harming someone, the blood, and escalating an already dreadful event. Instead you would be deescalating the situation and escaping.

Cartridge Stun Guns Vs Hand Held

You’ve got 2 options to choose from for your taser. You can go with a cartridge stun gun or a hand held one. There are pros and cons to using both.

The ones that use cartridges are your gun looking devices that will shoot at a distance. You’ll get an average distance of 15ft with most of these type of tasers. The obvious benefit to these is the ability to taser someone coming towards you but hasn’t reached you yet. This leaves you in a safer overall position.

Some of the cartridge devices also allow you to taser at point black by touching the end of the device to someone. On the downside of this type of taser is they’re typically drastically more expensive when compared to their handheld counterparts.

Cartridges are also not reusable. So you’ll need to keep a few backups or buy more each time you shoot at distance.

The handheld taser packs the same punch but at a more affordable price. You will have to be in arms distance of the person you’re going to taser and have to hold the taser to them for the full effect. This usually isn’t an issue but it does open you up to more opportunities for harm.

Hand held tasers will be easier to conceal and can be recharged at home without needing to buy replacement parts to be used again.

Worried About Keeping A Stun Gun In Your Purse?

You have nothing to worry about!

Stun guns require a few steps for them to “go off”. Each device can vary from one to the next but typically there are 2 switches to operate before shooting. One switch has 2 clicks. The first click usually turns on a front light or laser light and the second click prepares the taser to be used.

Then before it will shoot you’ll have to squeeze the trigger while the other switch is on its second click. That’s the common form of “safety” if the taser doesn’t have a separate dedicated safety switch.

With those barriers in mind to prevent accidentally setting it off you’ll still have it inside a holster in your purse. So the reality of your accidentally tasering yourself just isn’t happening.

Should You Worry About The Voltage?

The short answer is, not so much.

The voltage of a taser may change how long the person you taser flops around on the floor like a fish but you don’t really need to worry about getting the highest end voltage for your stun gun. Any serious stun gun is going to pack enough voltage to put a grown man on his knees.

Going for the highest of high may end up just causing you to spend more of your hard earned dollars. However, if it provides you with more peace of mind then go for it. Just know that all of the tasers we recommend in this article will be more than enough for your personal protection.

best stun gun for a woman

The 5 Best Stun Guns For A Woman

Below you’re going to find 5 stun guns we’ve selected to present to you. We break these stun guns down into categories for what we recommend the most, a budget friendly option, and some alternatives to give you good options that can fit multiple budgets.

Taser Bolt – Backed by Trusted Law-Enforcement Technology

The Taser Bolt stun gun has a sleek curved design that doesn’t mimic the look of an actual gun. This is beneficial if you encounter police officers with this on you. The design also makes it easier to slip in your pocket and conceal on your person without the need of a holster.

This device provides 30 seconds of muscular override which temporarily overrides an attacker’s central nervous system. The front is also equipped with a laser to assist in your aim and you would be shocked at how the red laser dot alone can deter an attacker.

It has a range of 15 feet so there’s plenty of room between you and a potential attacker. If you do need to get in close this stun gun has a contact stun. Lastly, it has childproof safety doors which keeps the action part of the device safe until ready to be used.

Pros & Cons: Customers of this stun gun find it to be extremely effective when live tested. The biggest con we have come across is some people don’t like the body design and find it odd to hold.

Taser Pulse With 2 Live Cartridges

The Taser Pulse stun gun resembles an actual firearm but it’s still quite compact. This makes it an easy option to conceal inside a purse. This type of design is also more familiar to most people so it’s comfortable and easier to aim with.

This product comes with 2 cartridges up front so make sure to consider that when looking at the price. This gives you one backup cartridge from the beginning. It provides 30 seconds of fish flopping voltage for your attacker and has both a red laser light and LED flashlight.

It has a 15 foot range to provide space between you and your target. It also includes a contact stun if someone is in arms distance. The body of the device is shaved down and angled to prevent snagging. This makes is extremely ideal for tugging around in a purse with many other items.

There’s also a light indicator to inform you if your stun gun needs charging.

Pros & Cons: Many police officer and military personnel are purchasing this product for their spouses. These experienced men and women vouch for the devices effectiveness. The main con I came across was some devices had battery issues and required a replacement battery from the company.

Vipertek VTS-989 Handheld

The Vipertek Handheld taser is our budget pick and it isn’t a cartridge gun that can shoot at a distance. Don’t let that fool you into thinking it doesn’t pack a punch because it definitely does! It’s a convenient and easy to hold size and is equipped with a wrist strap to prevent snatch theft or it being taken from you.

It’s equipped with a flashlight that activated on the first click of the switch. The second click gets the device ready for action and the red button well… drops someone to their knees. The head of the device has sharp spike electrodes to help penetrate through thick clothing.

The battery is completely internal and can be charged through your wall outlet. No need to buy expensive batteries or cartridges. Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pros & Cons: One couple tested this taser in the real world and it dropped her 6’2″ 250lbs husband in a second. It’s hard to beat real life testing and there are other stories similar to this for this exact device. The biggest con is that it isn’t technically a “stun gun” but a hand taser. We wanted to provide a good budget option for you so that’s why it’s the only handheld on our list.

Taser X2 Professional Series

The Taser X2 professional series stun gun is as mean as it looks. They call it a professional series for a reason but the price also reflects that. This device has a gun shaped handle with a flat vertical front end. I think the look of this after you whip it out alone is probably enough to run anyone off.

It delivers a 5 second incapacitation shot at a 15 foot distance. That’s a 10 second difference compared to the other stun guns on our list. However, this stun gun offers you an immediate back up shot so there’s no need to reload if you require a second go.

It’s equipped with a 3A laser for precision targeting and a powerful LED flashlight so your target will be clearly visible. If you need to it has a contact stun for hands reach encounters. The biggest thing this device has going for it is the company behind it is well known for their reliability.

Pros & Cons:  While doing our research we didn’t find any common negative theme with this taser. Everyone using it seems to be happy and satisfied with it.

Taser X26C Professional Stun Gun

The Taser X26C stun gun is similar to the Taser X2 model and made by the same company. It’s cheaper than the X2 model and comes with additional features. Although it’s bright yellow color may be less intimidating its shock isn’t!

Included with the stun gun are 6 cartridges and a black holster. That’s a big factor to think about and include with the price. Making the actual cost of the stun gun not so wild.

You’ll get a 15 foot shooting distance, adjustable duration of stun from 10-30 seconds, and a contact stun as a back up or if needed while up close. This stun gun is overall a compact size but doesn’t have flush safety and features that would prevent snagging so, best to use the included holster.

Pros & Cons: This stun gun has an extremely long battery life for a replaceable battery that gives you 300 firings before needed a replacement. It’s also made by the reputable Taser company. The only downside is it only comes in yellow.

Commonly Asked Questions

What stun gun voltage is best? – Any voltage included with a medium sized handheld taser is going to be enough to drop someone. The only time you have to worry is on smaller taser devices. Then just compare them to medium sized handhelds. This way you get the same voltage in the smaller options like keychain tasers.

Will I kill someone with my stun gun? – The odds are you aren’t going to kill someone by shooting them with your stun gun. However, if that person has prior heart conditions they could be put into a life threatening situation.

Which type of stun gun is the most effective? – All of them are effective but, stun guns that allow you to shoot at a distance have more overall use than your handheld tasers.


Hopefully this article on the best stun gun for a woman was helpful to you. All women should carry some form of personal protection and the stun guns on our list make excellent options. Even if you never have to use it these will give you peace of mind and greater self confidence

Make sure to share this article with your woman friends or married men so they can all benefit. Thanks for reading!