Can A Security Guard Carry A Taser

Are you a security company looking to arm your personnel? Are you a security guard yourself reviewing possible self defense weapons for your job? You might be considering a taser gun. Can a security guard carry a taser? A taser gun is a great weapon for immobilizing an attacker. It might be the best tool for security detail where a guard doesn’t make an arrest but does need to defend them self.

Depending on state law, a security guard can carry a taser. Since a security guard’s responsibilities do not typically include total submission of a threatening person or actual arrest, a taser gun is a proper weapon for the job. It allows them to subdue an assailant and gives them time to call the appropriate authorities. A taser gun is a great self defense tool for everyone, but may be especially helpful for security guard personnel dealing with unruly individuals.

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can a security guard carry a taser

Why Choose A Taser Gun?

Good Looks

Tasers tend to be more discreet than standard firearms. These guns are smaller, more compact, and easier to conceal than a full sized pistol. Security companies looking to arm their personnel but keep a more professional, less threatening appearance should consider a taser gun as an option.

Some taser guns, like the Bolt, are only 5.5 inches from one end to the other. Weighing in at only 8 ounces, these models fit in the palm for easy handling and don’t add excessive weight to a tool belt.

A smaller model taser gun can be less intimidating when carried by a security guard in office spaces, hospitals, and even hotels. Check out the specs for the Taser Bolt.

Personnel Safety

Taser guns can be safer for the security personnel to use than traditional weapons like a baton or even pepper spray. In order to use either of these, the guard must be very close to the subject they need to get under control.

This gives the subject ample opportunity to overcome a security guard and possibly take their weapon and use it against them or other people close by. With a 15-foot launch radius, using a taser keeps the guard well away from an assailant while being wholly effective in stopping their behavior.

Weapon Control

Another downside to a weapon like pepper spray is that once it is sprayed, the user has no power over where residual spray goes. In small spaces like stairwells, elevators, hallways, etc., if a security guard needs to use pepper spray against one individual, other non-threatening people nearby suffer the effects of the spray.

Contents of the can go into the air and can be inhaled by anyone close by, including the security personnel. This kind of situation can get out of control and potentially cause more harm than good. As a security guard, you do not want to disarm yourself in a dangerous situation.


Taser guns give security guards more control over a dangerous situation than some traditional weapons. They are a non-lethal option that subdues a subject quickly from up to 15 feet away. The effects of a taser, when used properly, only a little while after the shock has been delivered and the trigger is released.

People report feelings of dizziness and muscle aches after being shot with a taser gun. This puts more power in the hands of a security guard but does not come with the liability of using the lethal force of something like a handgun.

What’s The Downside?


If you choose to arm your security guards with taser guns, it is important to recognize that there will be a few negatives to deal with. First being the expense. While pepper spray like this unit comes in at an affordable price, a taser gun like the bolt is priced at a few hundred dollars usually.

That price can get prohibitive depending on the size of your company and the number of units you need. You want to review the level of safety you need to provide your security employees and those they are protecting and compare it to the expense of stocking taser guns.

Included in the price are maintenance costs of owning a taser gun. They must be maintained and stored in a way that does not affect the performance of the gun itself or the battery pack. You may want to have a locked storage area that is temperature controlled to preserve battery life. The guns should be kept clean at all times.

Most taser guns do not come with rechargeable batteries. Outside of the initial cost to purchase, it is smart to have backup batteries available for use. These batteries cost anywhere between $35 and $50 depending on where you buy them.

Most batteries will last up to 50 fires so your personnel might not go through them very quickly. Battery performance is affected by temperature, storage, and conditions of use.


Any time you weaponize personnel you need to make sure they are properly trained in how to use it and maintain it. You do not want the liability of having an untrained individual cause bodily injury while using any weapon you have provided them. Training security guards to use taser guns can be more costly than training them to use pepper spray or a baton.


Taser guns are not legal in every state for use by those other than law enforcement personnel. Most states have their own laws regarding licensing, ownership, and use of these weapons. It’s imperative that you know and abide by your state’s regulations regarding taser guns before pursuing them as an option for you or your company.

Can a security guard carry a taser? The simple answer is yes. After review of the law specific to your state, the budget you have to work with, and the level of force you’d like your security personnel to have available, you may find taser guns are the right fit. They aren’t for everyone and extra care should be taken in training, firing, and maintenance of these non-lethal weapons.

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