Taser Strikelight Review

If you didn’t already know Taser isn’t just the word we use to describe these self-defense tools but, it’s actually the name for one of the companies that create them. The company Taser makes several different stun gun and taser models and this article is dedicated as a Taser Strikelight review.

While some of the products they make are great is the Strikelight one of them?

TASER StrikeLight Rechargeable Self-Defense Flashlight | Perfect for Running, Jogging, Pet Walking |...
  • PERSONAL SELF-DEFENSE: The TASER StrikeLight combines the usefulness of a high-intensity flashlight with the protection of a stun gun.
  • FEATURES: Keep your attackers at bay when a close interaction is unavoidable with Strikelight’s crenellated bezel feature. This device also features...
  • DISCRETE DEFENSE: TASER believes less-lethal self-defense is better self-defense. Protect what matters with fewer consequences and more peace of mind.

Things To Consider Before You Buy

The first thing I’d like for you to think about is why you’re choosing a flashlight taser over other possible options? Most handheld tasers have a flashlight on the front end that’s nice and bright without disguising the entire device as a flashlight.

The main reason to go for a flashlight taser is for the disguise. It keeps everyone around from knowing what you’re actually holding. If you don’t absolutely need it disguised then there are better options available on the market.

Vipertek creates some of the best handheld tasers on the market and they’re way more affordable than the Strikelight. They have a standard taser, mini taser, flashlight taser, and a micro taser. The Vipertek VTS-195 is a better overall product and it’s much cheaper.

Another thing to think about is if you should get a taser capable of shooting at a distance instead. Handheld tasers have their place but there’s no substitute for being able to taser an assailant before they reach you.

Generally, these devices are quite a bit more expensive than a handheld but they’re worth every penny. They’re the best non-lethal method of defending yourself and make an excellent pairing with any firearm. The only downside is they require replacement cartridges and batteries so there’s a small on-going cost to them.

No matter what you end up deciding just choosing to own a taser is a great idea. We’re going to breakdown the Strikelight below in more details and if you change your mind on getting one make sure to read the alternative options near the bottom of this here article.

Introducing The Taser Strikelight

taser strikelight review

The Taser Strikelight is an attempt at the ultimate disguised flashlight taser. The goal with this device was to be the most durable, well crafted, functioning taser hidden inside a flashlight. It promises to deliver a stun capable of dropping anyone in a second.

Another core feature promoted on this product is how loud the sound of the stun arc actually is. It appear they’ve designed the arc in such a way that promotes a louder sound so that it’s capable of scaring away animals and potential attackers.

The top end of the flashlight is also designed with sharp strike-face columns. It’s made this way to serve as an additional way to inflict pain on an attacker. It’s very similar to being hit with a blunt force object except in a jabbing motion and being tasered at the same time.

If you purchase this device it’ll include a charging cable to keep the taser topped off. Even without being used the taser requires a few hours of charge each month to stay full. You won’t get much else other than that but what else would you really need?

There’s also a lot of different flashlight tasers on the market. The Strikelight is better than 90% of them I would say but it’s also quite a bit more expensive. I think you can save some money by going with one of the alternative options on our list below.

You really have to be in love with all the little features this flashlight brings together to pay this much for it. It is made by the Taser company and they do make great products but at some point the price becomes not worth it and with competition on the market they should look at a way to make this particular device more affordable.


  • Well disguised as a flashlight.
  • Very loud arc stun sound that would make someone think twice or scare off an animal.
  • Sturdy and solid device with edged top end to inflict more pain on an assailant.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Cheaper devices have the same features.

Questions & Features

Is the bulb replaceable?

The bulb is replaceable but you probably won’t need to. It uses an LED bulb which typically last quite a long time.

Does it come with a holster?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a holster. You may be able to find a suitable holster directly from the company website Taser.com.

What size is the flashlight?

The flashlight is a decent size at 9″ inches long. It’s a great size to use as a defensive weapon and with the added blunt force columns on the end this length still leaves enough room to grasp the device well.

Is there a kill switch attached to the wrist strap?

No, the wrist strap doesn’t have a kill switch attached with it. This device doesn’t have a kill switch at all other than the button used to activate it. The wrist strap will help prevent snatch theft and the flashlight being taken from you in a struggle.

Can I use the regular flashlight until the taser is needed?

Yes, you can use the device as an every day flashlight and for normal use. It’s best to do this because then you’re more likely to keep it with you and be prepared to use it if the time comes.

What type of battery does this device use?

It doesn’t use a standard 9V as some people think. It has a lithium battery for extended use and lifetime.

How many lumens is the light?

60-80 Lumens.

Does this device shoot out wires?

No, this device doesn’t hold a cartridge or shoot out barbed prongs. You’re referring to a taser that typically resembles an actual firearm.

Social Proof

Unfortunately, the Taser Strikelight just is not worth buying. It’s overpriced and customers are experiencing a lot of issues with it. People have had the switch broken at time of delivery and some have had it broke only 6 months into owning it.

There are many reports of other faulty issues with this device. It appears to be a quality control issue or maybe the Taser company is having problems finding a reliable manufacturer. Either way, I recommend anyone looking for a flashlight taser to go with an alternative option such as the Vipertek VTS-195.

Best Alternatives To The Taser Strikelight

Vipertek VTS-195

The Vipertek VTS-195 is the absolute best alternative to the Taser Strikelight. It’s a disguised flashlight taser that’s way more affordable. You can buy several of these for the price of one Strikelight and they hold up better and are more reliable.

The devices comes with a nylon belt holster and charging cable. There’s no need for any replacement parts and it has unlimited uses. The prong end of the device points towards the center above the light instead of a circle arc around the edges.

This won’t make any difference for it’s ability to drop someone to their knees. However, the VTS-195 isn’t quite as loud of the Strikelight. So, it’s ability to scare off an animal from sound alone isn’t as good.

Overall, this device is just amazing. Vipertek is delivering a great quality crafted product at a much more affordable price.

Taser Pulse

Even though the Taser company failed to deliver on the Strikelight they have been making an excellent cartridge taser for years. The Taser Pulse is one of those tasers. Its body is mostly black with yellow accents around the safety and cartridge doors.

It’s highly resembles and actual firearm but it’s compact, easy to conceal, and comes with a nice nylon holster. The features of the safety and aim points are smoothed around the edges to prevent it from snagging or catching on anything. This makes it easier to draw from a holster or to store in a purse.

This device also as a red LED light on the front which is very intimidating to have pointed at you. Something like this alone can be enough to make an attacker have second thoughts. In the heat of the moment they won’t even know if you’re holding a taser or an actual firearm.

It’s capable of shooting an assailant at a distance of 15 feet. Which is why we always recommend owning one of these plus an additional handheld taser. It’s hard to argue against what an additional 15 feet between you and someone else does for your safety.

The downside is these devices require more upkeep or ongoing cost. Cartridges are a single one time use and require replacing after being shot. The battery itself is also limited to a certain number of uses.

Sabre Tactical Stun Gun & Flashlight

The Sabre Flashlight & Stun Gun is another decent option to go after since the Taser Strikelight isn’t really so great. It has all the features you want in a flashlight taser and is well made.

The light itself is 80 lumens so it’s bright and great for every day use. The device measures at 1.139 microCoulombs which is considered a great indicator of how painful a taser can be. Anything greater than a 1 is considered to be intolerable pain.

Included with the device is a nylon belt holster, charging cable, and wrist strap. Like the other handheld tasers we’ve discussed it doesn’t require any replacement parts after being used and has unlimited usage. It can be recharged right from home with the included cable.


I hope you found this Taser Strikelight review helpful and hopefully it saved you from making a bad purchase. The Taser company usually make a great product but the Strikelight just isn’t one of them.

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