How Long Does A Taser Shock Last?

Are you interested in knowing more about taser guns? Are you considering purchasing one? One of the most important elements of owning a weapon is to know exactly how it works. A taser gun is a non-lethal self-defense weapon that keeps you at a safe distance from your attacker and disables them quickly.

A key question to ask when considering a taser gun is, “How long does a taser shock last?”. You want to be well versed in the operation of your taser gun, so you know the proper steps to take to defend yourself against an attacker.

The shock emitted by a taser gun lasts anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds depending on the model you are firing. The electrical current is released from a taser gun at specific intervals by design to prevent an attacker from recovering quickly from the hit. They will be rendered incapable of removing the probes from themselves, and you’ll have time to run away, call emergency services, or reload your weapon in an extreme emergency.

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how long does a taser shock last

How Do The Models Vary?

Different taser gun models present different voltage and shock output. The C2 (now the Bolt) and the Pulse models emit a shock of 50,000 volts at 7 watts. These guns have a shock duration of 30 seconds. Despite the lower wattage, the 30-second shock period is just as debilitating to an assailant as the higher powered X26P and X2.

These two models crank out a 5 second, 50,000 volt shock at 26 watts. 50,000 volts is plenty sharp enough to disable any attacker no matter their size or muscular structure without having lethal consequences.

How Do I Use My Taser Gun?

Most taser models (excluding the Strikelight) operate like a handgun. They even look much like a pistol. These devices have a trigger that controls the firing mechanism. You will want to make sure you have a firm grip on your taser gun, so that you can ensure a good aim at your assailant.

Once you’ve pulled the trigger, two metal probes connected to conductive wires are discharged from the weapon. These can travel up to 15 feet. Since most models require you to load a new cartridge after every firing, you want to make sure you hit your target on the first try.

Once the probes have connected with your attacker, you can deliver multiple shock cycles by simply pulling the trigger after each has finished. The X2 model does allow you to load two cartridges at once and fire them independently. This allows for more leeway in aim but should not be relied upon.

Does Size Matter?

According to’s FAQ page, a taser gun is powerful enough to take out a full grown bull. In fact, the more muscle mass your attacker has, the harder a hit they will take from your weapon. Since tasers work by sending electrical pulses through muscles, a bigger, stronger target is really going to feel the effects.

Do not be afraid to use your taser weapon on an attacker wearing bulky or thick clothing, either. Probes can deliver an electrical charge up to 2″ between where they stick and an assailant’s skin. If your attacker is wearing multiple heavy layers of clothing and you have a dire emergency, every taser model currently in production doubles as a stun gun.

You’ll have to get up close and personal but are still capable of taking someone down and running away. Size really does not matter when it comes to protecting yourself with a taser gun.

How Long Is My Assailant Disabled?

The after-effects of being shot with a taser gun are reported to last up to several minutes after the shock has stopped. Of course, the number of times the charge is cycled will impact the level of incapacitation of your target.

The shock from a taser causes muscle spasms and a vertigo-like feeling. It’s capable of momentarily knocking someone unconscious, but there are no long term negative effects of being shot with a taser. These non-lethal weapons will take down an attacker quickly and give you ample time to get out of harm’s way.

Maintain Your Taser Gun

If you’ve chosen a taser gun as your non-lethal self-defense weapon, you need to keep it well maintained and have proper accessories. Most taser gun models do not come with rechargeable batteries. They do have a low battery indicator to alert you that it may be time to replace the existing battery. You want to have at least one back-up battery available for your device.

You should also have back up cartridges available for firing your weapon. In the event you miss your target or need to shoot the second assailant, you want to be prepared with back-up charges.

You should store your taser gun and support equipment in a clean, dry environment. Treat it like any other weapon. Keep it in a safe place that is not easily accessible by children or unauthorized users. Keep your weapon clean and pay attention to your battery life indicator. You don’t want to surprise yourself in an emergency by not having an effective self defense method.

You may want to store your user guide and applicable state laws together, somewhere close to your other taser supplies. These are both great reference materials and you should know as much as possible about your weapon and its legality. Know where you can carry it and where you can’t to keep yourself safe and out of trouble.


How long does a taser shock last? That depends on the model of taser gun you are firing. A blast from a taser gun will last 5 seconds or 30 seconds. A single charge can deliver multiple shock cycles to an assailant. You should only deliver what is necessary to debilitate your attacker and then retreat to safety. Tasers are excellent non-lethal self defense weapons that allow you to stay a distance from your attacker and still knock them over.

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