how to resist a taser

How To Resist A Taser

In the world of tasers and the stories around that indicate some people being immune to tasers one might find themselves asking, ‘how can I resist a taser’? Perhaps you are curious about how someone can resist a taser, or for yourself in case you become a victim of a taser crime? Or maybe you … Read more

how many amps in a taser

How Many AMPs Are In A Taser?

So you’re curious about how many amps are in a taser? Perhaps you are curious how a taser issues a ‘stunning’ shock without causing lethal permanent damage? Or maybe you’re just confused about the difference between voltage and amps in a taser and how a taser actually works? Regardless of which question applies to you, … Read more

where can i buy a taser in nyc

Where Can I Buy A Taser In NYC?

In today’s chaotic world it is only natural to feel the need to protect ourselves. Are you in New York City and looking for a taser to help you feel safe while going through your day to day life? Maybe you’re looking through the markets of NYC and finding it difficult to find a taser … Read more

can a taser be used as a defibrillator

Can A Taser Be Used As A Defibrillator?

Now, I know some of you may be wondering why exactly someone would be asking this sort of question. How many normal people actually carry around a taser in case of an emergency? And if there’s a cop around with a taser, couldn’t he just call an ambulance to get a defibrillator instead of taking … Read more

taser brass knuckles review

Taser Brass Knuckles Review

Wrapping a taser around the outside of your knuckles sounds like the ultimate way to combat an attacker and defend yourself. In theory it seems like a solid choice to be able to punch and taser a target at the same time. In this taser brass knuckles review we’re going to find out if it … Read more

taser strikelight review

Taser Strikelight Review

If you didn’t already know Taser isn’t just the word we use to describe these self-defense tools but, it’s actually the name for one of the companies that create them. The company Taser makes several different stun gun and taser models and this article is dedicated as a Taser Strikelight review. While some of the … Read more

sabre stun gun flashlight review

Sabre Stun Gun Flashlight Review

With all the different stun guns available out there how do you know what brands are legit? Lucky for us there are a few good brands in the taser market. That’s what has lead us to this Sabre stun gun flashlight review. We’re going to break down the good and the bad about this product … Read more

vipertek taser review

Vipertek Taser Review: Best 4 Models

This is our Vipertek taser review where we’re going to break down the best tasers Vipertek has to offer. There are 4 different models from this company that have peaked user interest and have risen to the top. If anything is certain it’s that this company makes a great product but here’s our breakdown of … Read more

night watchman stun gun review

Night Watchman Stun Gun Review

Are you looking for a powerful stun gun that’s small and easy to conceal? That’s what we discovered in this Night Watchman stun gun review. In this article, we break down what makes this taser tick and why you might want to pick one up for yourself or your significant other. Consider This Before Buying … Read more

ruger 800v stun gun review

Ruger 800v Stun Gun Review

If you’re reading this odds are you’re a lover of guns and when you found out Ruger had a stun gun it peaked your interest. I must admit I was excited myself when I found out. This is our Ruger 800v stun gun review and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this … Read more