How To Resist A Taser

In the world of tasers and the stories around that indicate some people being immune to tasers one might find themselves asking, ‘how can I resist a taser’? Perhaps you are curious about how someone can resist a taser, or for yourself in case you become a victim of a taser crime? Or maybe you are curious about how drugs, like cocaine and methamphetamine, seem to increase a person’s resistance to a taser?

 It is important to understand how to resist a taser as they are legal for civilians to own in 47 states and criminals are quite savvy at acquiring police grade tasers as well. This article will help better prepare you if you become a victim of such a crime!

As far as resisting a taser, there are simple techniques to avoid and resist a taser that was released by law enforcement so that innocent individuals can be prepared if they became subject to a taser crime. Also, there are types of clothing that claim to nullify the effects of a taser.  I will also help you understand the effects of drugs in regards to being tasered – but understand this part is for informational purposes only!

how to resist a taser


Some believe that a taser can be overcome with the age-old ‘mind over matter’ concept. It appears that there may be truth to this, however, it does involve ripping the taser probes out of your body with a sweeping motion.

The way a taser works, which sends electrical currents into the body and interrupts the communication between the brain and the muscles – there is no way to ‘think’ your way out of this very real phenomenon happening.

In this video, you can watch a former a Navy Seal expert and self-defense expert attempt to overcome a taser with willpower. While he does escape the taser – the actual shock itself still puts him on the ground indicating that willpower alone is not enough. 

Real Techniques To Help The Real Person

The best way to resist a taser is to, well, not get hit by it. The taser probes themselves are not super accurate and law enforcement recommends to move laterally away from your attacker.

Also, if you understand that the range of the X-26 standard police issue taser is about 33 feet and the civilian issue model is about 16 feet – you could potentially position yourself out of range of the taser.

If you find yourself being ambushed and unable to escape out of range it is best to bullrush your opponent as it will cause the taser prongs to stick closer together. When the prongs are close together you will feel the shock but may not be incapacitated in which you can roll on the ground to try and break the wires, which are relatively fragile.

Finally, if you are ultimately hit by the taser you should focus on breaking the wires or removing the prongs by sweeping your arms across the wires. Remember, this is very difficult if you get hit in the back!

What Should I Wear Today?

Testing has shown that wearing clothes infused with carbon fiber tape can render you immune to the nasty shock of a taser. The tape is a great conductor of electricity and causes the electrical current to simply pass through it – as opposed to your body! Pretty neat, huh?

You can even learn how to make your own superhero powered awesome jacket here! Ok – it’s not really superhero powered, but it’s still pretty great. Also, if you need to purchase the carbon fiber tape you can do so in 3m increments on Amazon!

Drugs and Tasers

There are no clear studies done as to why some humans are able to resist a taser while on drugs. There have been tests done on pigs and sheep where cocaine and methamphetamine were administered – but these were more to address safety concerns to see if the taser induces ventricular fibrillation (cardiac arrest).

To really understand how people on drugs can sometimes resist tasers, due to lack of studies, we will need to start with how drugs affect a person. Meth, for examples, brings on euphoric effects, huge spikes in energy, and can give the person a feeling of invulnerability.

Also, you’re Central Nervous System, which is what the brain communicates with to operate the body, is composed of neurons which allow it to function. The use of meth is known to decrease the number of neurons which could contribute to a person appearing to be immune, or less affected, by a taser shock.

Whereas the drug Phencyclidine, or more commonly known as PCP, is considered a hallucinogenic disassociative and can cause users to exhibit superhuman strength. It is common for people to experience auditory and hallucinogenic distortions and feel ‘disassociated’ from reality which could contribute to the superhuman abilities.

So, we know that a taser causes an interruption between the brain and the Central Nervous System, which causes the muscles in your body to lock up. We also know that drugs can cause higher than normal levels of brain activity and also bizarre brain activity with the high levels of dopamine and serotonin. 

Knowing these two things we can be lead to believe that the bizarre processing of the brain is able to bypass the ‘noise’ caused by the taser as the drug is also ‘noise’ in the brain and it would just depend on which one is louder. Again, due to the lack of real study on this subject, we can only gather this from the information we know from the two subjects, separately. 

The Bottom Line

The best way to resist a taser is to, obviously, not get hit with the taser. However, you now know that if you are in a situation where you must react you can either bullrush the target to ensure less spread on the prongs of the taser or run out of range of the taser which is about 16 feet for the civilian model or 33 feet for the X-26 police standard issue taser.

Also, you’ve learned that you can adapt your clothing to have an anti-taser suit! If you are looking for the carbon fiber to be able to upgrade your wardrobe you can check it out on Amazon here.

You should also have a deeper understanding of how a drug user may resist a taser but to have a more scientific answer – well we’ll have to wait for the scientists on that. The main controversy is the safety which is where most taser research goes to currently. 

Other than that, you are now prepared to walk the streets in full confidence that you can keep yourself a little safer than yesterday! Goodbye for now!