runt stun gun review

Runt Stun Gun Review

My RUNT stun gun review covers all the details and specs of the device and also dives into how the different features of this specific device can benefit you. I want to make sure you are well-educated while on your mission to find the best stun-gun to maximize the effectiveness of your self-defense arsenal. Things … Read more

how many volts are in a police grade taser

How Many Volts Are In A Police Grade Taser?

There are many questions surrounding the use of tasers within the police force that fall into a spectrum from simple curiosity to outraged controversy. Perhaps you are wondering how many volts are in a police grade taser? Or maybe you are curious if the tasers that police use to subdue dangerous suspects are actually a … Read more

when can a police officer use a taser

When Can A Police Officer Use A Taser?

A lot of people in today’s world are constantly assessing if a police officer has used excessive force or is justified in his or her actions. Perhaps you are curious about what justifies a police officer to use a taser on a suspect? Or maybe you were tasered by the police and are curious if … Read more

how to make stun gun from mobile phone

How To Make Stun Gun From Mobile Phone

Have you ever wanted a stun gun for protection, but were worried about where you would keep it? Perhaps you worried about accidentally leaving it at home or having to stuff it in a tiny compartment of your bag that would take forever to get into in a real emergency. Well, there may be a … Read more

will a stun gun work on a dog

Will A Stun Gun Work On A Dog?

Now, I know many of you may be wondering, why on earth would anyone want to use a stun gun on a dog? You’re likely picturing your little pooch, sprinkles, and can’t imagine anyone wanting to do such harm to her. Well, I ask you, what about wild dogs? What about rabid wolves, or your … Read more

will a taser work on a bear

Will A Taser Work On A Bear?

If you’re an avid camper, hiker, or wildlife lover like me, I’m sure you may have asked yourself this question before. If a bear wanders into your encampment, what are your options for protection? Will a taser or stun gun work in an emergency in the middle of the woods? If you’re a law enforcement … Read more

can you carry a taser in michigan

Can You Carry A Taser In Michigan?

Ah, I am glad to see you checking up on the current law to see if you can carry a taser in Michigan! Perhaps you are a Michigan resident and would like to own and carry a taser for self-defense? Or maybe you are planning on moving to Michigan and already own a taser?  Well, … Read more

can a security guard carry a taser

Can A Security Guard Carry A Taser

Are you a security company looking to arm your personnel? Are you a security guard yourself reviewing possible self defense weapons for your job? You might be considering a taser gun. Can a security guard carry a taser? A taser gun is a great weapon for immobilizing an attacker. It might be the best tool … Read more

how to recharge taser c2 battery

How To Recharge Taser C2 Battery

Are you carrying a C2 model Taser gun? Is your battery getting low? Do you know how to charge your taser C2 Battery? Having a fully charged weapon is imperative for your safety when you are in a potentially dangerous situation. The last thing you ever want is to be within the range of an … Read more

how to charge a taser gun

How To Charge A Taser Gun

Is your taser gun battery dead? Do you know how to charge a taser gun? You don’t want to be in a situation where you think you’ve got a powerful self-defense tool but you’ve actually just got a heavy object to throw at someone. It’s important to know the condition of your weapon at all … Read more