Where Can I Buy A Taser In NYC?

In today’s chaotic world it is only natural to feel the need to protect ourselves. Are you in New York City and looking for a taser to help you feel safe while going through your day to day life? Maybe you’re looking through the markets of NYC and finding it difficult to find a taser which you’ve deemed as your preferred ‘weapon of choice’?

I believe it is important that we all feel safe while going about our lives so as to avoid the constant plaguing of our minds with unnecessary worry. I assure you that after a few moments with me, you will find yourself adequately prepared to take your personal safety into your own hands!

Just so you are aware – it is illegal to purchase and carry a taser in NYC, so no stores will be selling these. This has risen concerns in cases where citizens have been prosecuted – even with the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms – so I would steer clear of buying a taser if I were you. It is, however, legal to purchase and use pepper spray in the event that you are being assaulted by an aggressor or to train yourself in martial arts. I will explain where and how you can explore these options to best prepare yourself in the event of a violent attack. Better to have it and not need it, right?

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where can i buy a taser in nyc

What Are The Chances I’ll Need Self-Defense Though?

The good news is that violent crime rates in NYC have been coming steadily down since the ’90s. The current statistics according to Neighborhood Scout show that it is only about 1 person for every 280 persons that becomes the victim of a violent attack in one calendar year.

Of all accounts, these include murder, rape, robbery and assault and these accounts total at 70,799 for a population of 20 million. So, I wouldn’t go so far as to call a self-defense weapon or training to be absolutely necessary – but you might have something else to say if you are that 1 person out of the 280. I leave it up to you!

So – What If I Get A Taser Anyways?

Well, since it is illegal to carry a stun gun in New York, you should know that there are definitely other options.

 If you are adamant about having a stun gun then I would advise you that the penalty for being caught with a stun gun in NYC is classified as a Class A misdemeanor. The maximum penalty for this offense in NY is a max of 1 year in prison or 3 years probation and may include a fee of $1000.

The Better Option!

So, it is legal to get pepper spray as self-defense in NYC which could be a good idea if you’re looking for a self-defense weapon. Basically, NYC defines pepper spray as a pocket-sized spray that causes temporary discomfort. You can read the full definition here if you wish.

 A quick web search shows that people are having a hard time finding pepper spray to buy since you can’t have it mailed to you – so I did the work for you! At John Jovino Gun Shop you can purchase pepper spray if you are older than 18, have an I.D. and as long as you’re not a felon for $25! Not bad, huh?

Another Option – Combo Style!

Maybe you don’t want to carry around an extra item in your pockets or purse? Or perhaps you feel fumbling around in your pockets or purse during a high-stress assault isn’t going to be very efficient. 

Well, fear no more! With Spraytect you can have pepper spray and a phone case all in one. Most of us tend to have our phone in our hands pretty much…well…always! This case is for Iphones only but an Android case is in the works!

Remember, you can’t have pepper spray mailed so it’s best to visit your local Best Buy or Apple store and see what they have in stock!

Ok, You Got The Stuff. But Have You Got The Skills?

The good news is there is a training center called Gold Shield Training Center located in Mount Vernon about 30 minutes away from NYC. They have courses available for all manners of self-defense and specifically for pepper spray self-defense. If you are considering buying pepper spray it might be a good idea to give them a call.

If you don’t have time for a course but still are going to carry pepper spray then I might advise you to at least give this video a watch that breaks down some basics of how to use pepper-spray during an attack:

I Don’t Think I Want “Things”

Ok, sure. It’s one thing to have the equipment to protect yourself, but maybe you just want to go unarmed. That’s fine, we all have fists – but we don’t all know how to fight without proper training.

Aside from pepper spray, it could also be a good idea to investigate dojos in your area where you can train in a form of martial arts. 

Don’t know where to start? Krav Maga is growing in popularity and a very intense form of self- defense developed in the Israeli military. You can check out the institute in NYC and find out what courses you want to get involved in.

So Now You Know

So, we’ve answered your question “where can I buy a taser in NYC?”. Now that we understand that you can’t buy a taser in NYC we can go ahead and scratch that off our to-do list. With the options of pepper spray at John Jovino’s Gun Shop or purchasing a Spraytect phone case from a local cell phone dealer, you will definitely feel more prepared.

But remember! The most important aspect of self-defense, especially when carrying a weapon, is to know how to wield and use it properly. This is where Gold Shield Training Center will come in handy or if you want a more hands-on approach you might check out the Krav Maga Institute in NYC.

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