How To Make Stun Gun From Mobile Phone

Have you ever wanted a stun gun for protection, but were worried about where you would keep it? Perhaps you worried about accidentally leaving it at home or having to stuff it in a tiny compartment of your bag that would take forever to get into in a real emergency.

Well, there may be a solution to that – what if your phone could act as both a handy calling and texting device, AND a protective weapon? How can we create a stun gun from a mobile device, and is that even possible?

The short answer: Yes, sort of. Although you cannot turn the actual physical mobile phone into a stun gun, you can turn your mobile device case into a stun gun, making it the perfect mobile protective weapon.

In fact, there are already several cases on the market that can be used as stun guns, and they can be found on Amazon and several other websites. In some cases, they can even serve to charge your mobile device wirelessly. Be sure to do your research to find the perfect protective stun gun case for you.

For more information on how these devices work, and where to get them, keep reading below.

how to make stun gun from mobile phone

What Is A Stun Gun?

A stun gun is defined as a small device used to temporarily paralyze and immobilize an individual using a series of electric shocks. Although it sounds dangerous, a stun gun is designed to not cause serious injury, although sometimes dangerous and even fatal side effects can occur if the weapon is not utilized properly.

In a best-case scenario, a stun gun will simply physically stun the victim for a few moments, giving the administrator of the shock a short window of time to escape harm. The immobilized victim will regain full control of his muscles within a few minutes, although he may be sore afterwards.

They are often used by law enforcement officers to catch criminals, but they can easily be purchased by any ordinary citizen both in stores and online since they are not considered firearms (even though they’re called “guns”). They can often transmit over 50,000 volts in a single shock and are quite nifty since they work even through the perpetrators clothing.

Why Would I Need To Use A Stun Gun?

If you are a law enforcement officer, you probably already own either a taser or a stun gun for personal protection. For ordinary citizens, stun guns can be used for personal protection in case of a physical attack by both humans and mid-sized animals and are a good choice for individuals not comfortable with carrying a firearm on the daily.

If you are attacked, a stun gun will allow you to immobilize the attacker, giving you time to escape danger and call 911 for immediate assistance. For officers of the law, it gives them time to stop and handcuff a perpetrator before they can escape. They are extremely useful in an emergency, and overall less dangerous than a firearm.

Is There A Way To Make Your Phone Into A Stun Gun?

Technically, no, there is no way to make your actual phone into a stun gun. The voltage and pieces required would make the mobile device unusable, meaning you would be left with just a stun gun, rather than a cool cell phone-stun gun hybrid.

However, all hope is not lost – there are still several options to arm yourself using your cell phone, simply by using a stun gun case for your mobile device.

There are several options online to purchase various types of stun gun cases for your exact mobile device. They range in types from amount of voltage used, presence of a flashlight, and even ability to charge your cell phone wirelessly! They can be just as effective as normal stun guns (that aren’t hugging the back of your phone) and tend to be a bit more affordable than ordinary high-end stun guns anyways.

How Do These Stun Gun Cases Work?

These cases work just like any other stun gun, as they are simply stun guns disguised as cell phone cases. They often will have some sort of barb on the end of the case to press into your attacker, although some options do not have this and are still capable of giving a shock.

All you have to do is press the end of your cell phone into the attacker (whether it be a human, dog, or some other mid-sized creature) and press the trigger button on the case. This will cause the built-up electrical shock to shoot into their body, stunning the nervous system and causing their muscles to go rigid. The longer you hold the button, the more shocks will be given to them.

These devices can be either battery powered or charged using an electrical outlet and can often last several shocks before needing to be recharged.

Don’t worry – even if you are touching the person being given the shock, you yourself will not be shocked. This is because the electrical current from the stun gun is going inside the attacker and stunning him through the nervous system, rather than from the outside (where it could travel to you).

Just be careful, and make sure you read the instructions carefully before utilizing these cases – we wouldn’t want you to accidentally stun yourself while taking a phone call from mom!


Overall, the answer to this question (how to make a stun gun from a mobile phone) is a roundabout one. Although the actual phone cannot be turned into a stun gun, the case the phone is inside can certainly act as a stun gun and is an effective way of protecting yourself when out alone.

If you are interested in learning more about these weapons, be sure to check out YouTube for some videos on how they work. In addition, check out Amazon for affordable stun gun cell phone cases if you’re interested in getting one yourself – some are even as cheap as $15, a small price to pay for personal protection around the clock!

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