How To Charge A Taser Gun

Is your taser gun battery dead? Do you know how to charge a taser gun? You don’t want to be in a situation where you think you’ve got a powerful self-defense tool but you’ve actually just got a heavy object to throw at someone.

It’s important to know the condition of your weapon at all times to keep yourself safe from harm. Make yourself aware of the health of your taser gun battery and take the proper steps to make sure it will work when you need it to.

According to the Taser Self Defense store, the only taser gun model that has a rechargeable battery is the TASER StrikeLight. If you have any other taser gun model, your battery is not rechargeable. It must be replaced when it’s dead. New taser gun batteries can be easily purchased online and can be used many times before needing to be replaced. It’s important to maintain your taser gun according to manufacturer instructions to get the greatest benefit out of each battery.

how to charge a taser gun

What’s The Upside To Taser Batteries?

Taser gun batteries are not rechargeable, except in the case of the StrikeLight. While this can be inconvenient, knowing the health of your taser gun and having replacement batteries available make it a virtual non issue. You can find replacement batteries through a simple web search and buy something like this that fits both the C2 and Bolt models.

Based on manufacturer information, this battery lasts up to 50 consecutive firings. For a lay person using their taser only for self-defense, that’s quite a few hits. Most people are reporting battery life anywhere from 1 to 5 years.

What About The Downside?

The biggest drawback to not having a rechargeable option for most taser models is the expense of replacement batteries. If you want just a single backup battery, you will invest at least $20 for the cheapest models, with an average closer to $40 per battery.

A lot of users like to have more than one replacement battery handy. That can become a large expense over time. You must store your extra batteries carefully, so they are not exposed to elements that will drain their charge. Improper storage could trash all those backup batteries.

You also need to know how much juice is in your current battery. Taser guns do have a low battery warning light, but you’ll want to keep an eye on how long that has been flashing at you. A lot of factors can have a negative impact on battery life.

Temperature when the weapon is used and stored, and even how you store it can weaken your battery. Always store your weapon according to manufacturer instructions.

Are There Other Options?

You can buy a self defense weapon that does have a rechargeable battery. Stun guns may not have the same lasting affect as a taser gun on an assailant, but they will buy you plenty of time to get to safety. The longer you hold your stun gun to your attacker, the more disabled they will become.

When in use, a stun gun battery will have enough power for approximately 50 one-second pulses. According to information from you’ll only need 1/2 a second to scare someone, 1-2 seconds to cause muscle spasms, and 3-5 seconds to disorient an attacker, cause loss of muscle control, and severely confuse them. With a fully charged weapon, you should have plenty of time to knock someone over and run.

Stun guns are offered in multiple shapes and sizes that can fit almost anyone’s preference. They include flashlight style, baton shaped weapons, and small, box-like handheld units.

Are Rechargeable Batteries That Great?

Stun gun batteries of today can be fully charged within 8-12 hours. The life of a single charge varies between weapon model, type of battery, and storage/use conditions. Some may last up to 3 months at a time but that should not be relied on as a rule.

You can buy inexpensive chargers that you simply plug into the wall and go, like this one. There are also car charger units available so you can make sure your battery is fully charged while traveling. There is something to be said about stopping off at a rest area knowing you can protect yourself no matter how long your stun gun has been in the glove compartment.

What’s The Drawback?

It’s important to keep your stun gun battery at maximum charge at all times. A low-power battery in a stun gun may not deliver enough amperage to an attacker to disable them. Because of the design of a stun gun, you have to make physical contact with the device to deliver an electric shock. You’d be better off with a dead taser you could throw at your attacker than getting close enough to touch them and finding out your weapon is ineffective.

Everything dies, eventually. At some point you’ll have to replace your rechargeable batteries. The number of times you can recharge them depends on the type of battery you’re using, but you’ll want to know that number when maintaining your stun gun. At the end of its life a rechargeable battery may not be capable of its original max strength.

The good news is most rechargeable batteries are cheap and easy to find. Stun guns need a standard 9-volt or have an AA or AAA battery pack. You can buy any of these for under $15 at your local Wal-Mart. Energizer seems to be a fan favorite among stun gun users. They put out a quality product at a fair price.

Now You Know

You’ve read up on how to charge a taser gun. You know the pros and cons of not having a rechargeable model, and you can consider a stun gun if recharging is an important feature for you financially, or out of principle.

Regardless of the style of weapon you choose, you should always know what type of battery it requires and how much charge your battery has. Keep it at maximum power and have backups available. Maintain your weapon according to manufacturer instructions to keep yourself safe in any situation.