How To Make A Stun Gun With A Capacitor

So, you want to learn how to make a stun gun with a capacitor? Maybe you’ve been trying to get the stun gun to work but haven’t quite been successful yet? It can be difficult to get your head wrapped around finding the proper materials and pieces to do it at home successfully and this article will help you bridge the gap so that you’ll have a stun gun of shocking value in no time!

Regardless of any past frustrations, we are going to tackle this in an easy to understand way so by the end of it you’ll have a working stun gun! As long as you’re being safe, playing with electricity can even be fun once you get it working! You’ll be a tip-top do-it-yourselfer of the stun gun world by the time we are done.

Remember! Only build this if you are familiar with electronics and the dangers and safety precautions necessary when working with electricity. You are fully responsible and take full liability for any injury that may occur from working with live electricity!

how to make a stun gun with a capacitor

Items You’ll Need To Build Your Stun Gun

PVC Pipe1 inch by 8 inches in diameter will work great for this project. You can really modify with any sort of housing that works for you like a flashlight casing or other things. It might be easier to go to a local Home Depot rather than purchasing on Amazon – you’ll save more money by getting the exact piece that you need.

Volt BoosterThis will boost the volts up to 400,000 volts so you can really deliver a shock!

18650 Battery – The 18650 just means the size and shape of the battery. These ones will be cost-effective and get the job done.

Push-Button switchThis one will work perfectly at a great price and will make it easier to attach wires to.

Electrical WireYou can buy new wire or pull it from out of old electronics

PVC CapsThese ones will work for the 1 inch PVC pipe you will be working with.

Soldering iron – You don’t need to spend a ton of money here as we’re just doing simple soldering. This one will work perfectly for the light soldering we will be doing. 

Solder – There is plumbing solder that WON’T work so this one saves you the work of trying to identify what one you need.

Drill Any drill will work for this. If you don’t own one I would ask to borrow your neighbors before buying one!

Screws – Any size will work.

Screwdriver – Phillips head would work best.

There are many, many ways to make a stun gun out of almost anything you can find around your house. The PVC pipe is going to provide you with the most durable housing and the tools required to make a stun gun are simply needed to get the job done so this list will be the most cost-effective for you and the easiest way to get the end result achieved.

Also, we are going to be using a battery and a volt booster in this tutorial as opposed to the capacitor. You can certainly use a capacitor if you wish, but if you are not familiar with soldering a blank circuit board and also with which capacitor to use you will greatly increase the risk of electrocuting yourself as well as ending up with a device that simply doesn’t work. The point of this tutorial is to ensure you have a fully functioning taser by the end of this article!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1.) Solder the wires to the 18650 battery

First, you will want to solder the red wire to the positive side of the battery. Respectively you will solder the black wire to the negative side of the battery. Make sure to solder it on the sides so you can put the battery back into the power bank and charge it to re-use your stun gun!

Step 2.) Attach wires to the Push-Button switch

The PVC pipe is pretty long so we are going to need to make the wires of the Push-Button switch. Go ahead and take 2 pieces of wire, about 4 inches each, and attach it to the wires of the Push-Button switch. Afterward, wrap the connections with electrical tape. 

Step 3.) Setup the PVC pipe and caps!

Start by marking a dot about 3.45 inches up the length of the pipe. Next, take one of your PVC caps and make 2 dots on the inside of the cap side by side but with space in between them.

Then with the hole that is 3.45 inches up the length of the pipe needs to be drilled and you want it to be about the size of the push-button switch. Don’t worry, we aren’t trying to be perfect with this.

Then drill a hole through each of the 2 dots on the PVC cap as well.

Step 4.) Insert the Push-Button switch

Place the push-button switch inside the hole. Make sure the wires you attached are sticking down and out of the short side of the pipe, so you can access them easily.  If the hole is too large you can wrap the push-button switch with electrical tape to fit it more snugly in the hole.

Step 5.) Screw the Cap

First, attach 1 wire about 2 inches long to 1 screw and then do the same thing with another wire to the 2nd screw. You will then take your screwdriver and screw them into the cap. Lastly, put electrical tape on the heads of the screws to secure it. Your pointy part of the screws should be sticking out of the top of the PVC cap. 

Step 6.) Connect your volt booster

Next, you want to connect the wires leading from the volt booster to the wires that are leading towards the screws. Then again apply the electrical tape to the connection point of the wires. 

Step 7.) Fit everything in

Now you will want to fit the volt booster in. You will put it in on the longest side so that the wires of the volt booster and the starter are both sticking out of the short side. Also, you can slide a piece of foam in with the volt booster to prevent it from bouncing around in there.

Step 8.) Connect Volt booster and battery to Switch

Connect the negative wire of the volt booster to the wire of the push-button switch and be sure to secure it with electrical tape. Then connect the negative wire of the battery to the 2nd wire of the push-button switch. Again, apply electrical tape to the connection.

Step 9.) Cap it!

Slide the battery all the way in and put the cap on your stun gun is set to go! As time goes on you will use all the charge in your battery in which case you can simply remove the cap and recharge the battery. 

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is it dangerous to have the voltage boosted up to 400,000? – It’s actually not. Voltage is the driving force behind the electrical current so that it actually enters your subject. It is the amps that are dangerous, and the stun gun operates on a high voltage – low amperage electrical current for this reason.

What if I accidentally cross the wires? – If you’re not familiar with the aspects of electricity and working with it, in general, it might be a good idea to avoid creating this DIY stun gun. Crossing the wires of positive and negative can do nothing or it can cause an explosion depending on what wires you are crossing and when. 

To Conclude

I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning how to make a stun gun with a capacitor! Again, please be safe when working with this kind of equipment. Make sure to get the proper 18650 battery and voltage booster so you can have adequate power to be able to deliver the punch with that shock value that you’re looking for! Happy building!

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