The 5 Best Personal Tasers For Everyday Use

The best personal taser is something easy to carry along with you everywhere you go. You don’t have to be worried over concealing it or equipping a holster. It should be in a design that becomes something you take with you without thinking about it. It becomes like your cell phone, keys, or wallet… you just bring it without a second thought.

ProductOur RatingScenario
Vipertek VTS-8804.8 / 5Our Pick
Vipertek VTS-1954.8 / 5Alternative
Police Knuckles 5194.0 / 5Alternative #2
Stun Master Lipstick4.5 / 5Woman’s
Key Chain Taser4.5 / 5Always With You

How We Define What A Personal Taser Is

A personal taser is usually either compact or stealthy and is always with you. These are tasers in the forms of key chains, flashlights, lipstick, or a small black box that fits right in the palm of your hand. These tasers are usually inconspicuous.

Since these tasers are compact and stealthy you should have one with you at all times. They also make good options to keep in other places you frequent. Places such as your office, gym locker, and vehicle make great places to keep backup tasers.

While technically you can call any taser a personal taser we like to think of these as items you take with you everywhere you go instead of only bringing them with you on occasion. For some people it’s difficult to carry a stun gun that requires a side holster everywhere you go and that’s why you opt for the small personal taser.

Can Small Tasers Be Effective?

Small tasers are just as effective as larger tasers. What you don’t want to get them confused with are stun guns that allow you to shoot at a distance. As long as we’re comparing taser to taser the size of the device doesn’t really matter.

The one thing that does matter on these small tasers is how well the metal prongs are crafted. The wider the gap the larger coverage area the action end of your taser will cover. Basically, a wider gap makes it easier to come into contact with your target.

Also pay attention to how sturdy or flimsy the metal appears to be. Without quality metal and prongs your taser won’t be as effective. It could be the difference between delivering a solid stun and barely tapping your target.

Tasers in real life aren’t how they’re usually displayed in movies. It’s not going to make someone go unconscious or cause any life-threatening damage. Instead, the person goes through intense muscle contractions that can’t control. Kind of like a severe muscle cramp.

Why You Should Have More Than One Taser

You should keep a taser in every location you frequent where you may require it. This means one in the front of the car and one in the trunk. One in your office drawer and another on your person. Keeping one near arms reach at all times is the best way to improve your personal safety.

As an example if you’re putting groceries in your trunk and the only taser you have is in your front dashboard then odds are you won’t get to it in time. Don’t lie to yourself and say you’ll just always keep it in your pocket or on your person. It’s human nature to leave it where it is and think “it will never happen to me”. Until it does…

The good news is tasers are extremely affordable. Most handheld tasers come in somewhere around $20 so over time you can build up your arsenal of tasers and have one everywhere you need one.

What You Should Do After Tasering Someone

You’re taking action and getting yourself a taser and now you’re prepared to defend yourself but, what happens when you actually need to use it? It’s important that you’re prepared for what happens when you taser someone. You need to know what to do in these type of situations.

You pull your taser out and stun an attacker. In this brief moment it creates a gap between you and the other person. Your immediate goal should be to escape and exit the situation or subdue the person. Unless you’re trained properly I would recommend you escape and flee.

The very moment you taser someone and see their world light up is the same moment you take off. Do not hesitate and wait around to see how they are effected by the taser. Everyone reacts differently to it and you don’t want to wait around and find out they’re someone that recovers quickly.

Your safety and your safety alone should be the number one concern. You can call the police once you’re in a safe location and out of danger.

Reviewing The Best Personal Tasers

best personal taser

We selected these tasers not only for there effectiveness but also for how easy they were to keep with you. We want you to be protected at all times and a personal taser is an excellent way to do so. These tasers are the perfect non-lethal option for your personal protection and they’re very affordable.

Vipertek VTS-880

The Vipertek VTS-880 is a compact standard handheld taser. It’s a convenient size to carry in your pocket or purse without it taking up much room. It’ll fit right in the palm of your hand is the body is designed with non-slip rubber.

This model is very easy to conceal and when you have it out you can use it as a flashlight until you need to taser someone. Then with a flick of a switch it goes from flashlight to taser and is ready to go immediately.

The battery is rechargeable and you’ll never have to buy a replacement one. Some tasers but mostly stun guns have a limited use battery that’s limited to a number of uses. Then you would need to buy a new one to continue using your taser.

With the VTS-880 there are zero items to replace and it has unlimited uses. Just keep it charged. If you never use the taser it’ll require a 1-2 hour charge per month to stay topped off. Vipertek also provides a lifetime warranty on their products.

Pros & Cons: The biggest thing this taser has going for it is its compact size and powerful punch. This is one of the most popular compact tasers on the market with several live test examples. The biggest negative is that you can’t taser someone at a distance and the taser doesn’t have a good safety switch so be careful when you’re turning it off and on and then sticking it back in your pocket.

Vipertek VTS-195

The Vipertek VTS-195 is a flashlight taser and this makes it an excellent choice for a personal taser. You’ll never have to explain yourself as to why you have a flashlight with you. No one around you will even suspect that your flashlight is actually a taser.

I like the flashlight taser because you get the benefit of using the flashlight at night going to and from your car etc… A flashlight alone can sometimes be enough to deter someone from going in your direction because they’re more likely to lose the element of surprise.

Just like the Vipertek VTS-880 this flashlight taser has a rechargeable battery and doesn’t require any replacement parts. You can simply plug these tasers into your wall outlet at home when they need charging. This model will also require a 1-2 hour charge every month if it hasn’t been used.

Pros & Cons: It’s compact and provides you with a decent flashlight at night that doubles as your personal protection. Customers love how bright the flashlight actually is. There wasn’t any common negative aspect to this taser reported by customers.

Police Knuckles 519

The Police Knuckles 519 are a handheld taser that wraps around the outside of your knuckles. While the concept may sound daunting in theory they have actually performed quite well on live tests. This taser also functions has a flashlight but would only trick someone into thinking it was only a flashlight at night.

This device works based on the squeeze of your hand. When you apply pressure to the body of the taser in your palm it activates the stun. While this taser has performed well in its live tests know that it isn’t an actual pair of brass knuckles or a substitute for them.

The body is made of plastic and only wraps 3 fingers. Landing a full punch with this may hurt you more than the other person. Instead use it as intended which is to firmly apply it to someone’s skin and stun them.

Pros & Cons: On the positive side this taser works well. It’s rechargeable, ergonomic, and easy to understand. On the downside the holster it comes with isn’t well made and you don’t want to carry it in your pocket for being at risk of activating it with pressure. May need to find an alternative holster for this device.

Stun Master Lipstick

The Stun Master Lipstick is a personal taser geared towards women. You guessed it! It’s designed to look like a stick of lipstick. This is a perfect example of what makes a good personal taser because it’s something a woman can have in their purse at all times and your purse goes everywhere with you.

Secondly, this taser is well disguised and even looks pretty on the outside. You won’t have to tell everyone who sees it that yea… you’re carrying a taser and this is why. The moment someone finds out you’re carrying a taser it becomes this magical popular topic and that’s fine until you’re explaining it for the 10th time.

One thing to note though is this device is a bit large compared to an actual lipstick. It’ll still fit in your purse fine but although they market this as a lipstick taser you may want to come up with another title to tell your friends if you don’t want them knowing it’s a taser.

Pros & Cons: It’s nice and pretty to be disguised in a women’s purse. It’s completely covered and even jeweled on the outside to cover the taser. On the downside, it’s too large to be real lipstick. Overall, it’s a great product and can also be used as a flashlight if needed.

Keychain Taser

This is the Guard Dog Key Chain Taser that hangs from your car keys. Anytime you leave the house and drive somewhere you’ll have this taser with you. It’s one of the smallest tasers you’re going to find and the most portable.

We love the idea behind this taser and it works if you don’t have something else around it wouldn’t be out ultimate go to option. This is more of a backup option but something you should get because well… you’ve always got your keys with you.

The front end prongs are small and close together so the contact area is tiny. This basically just makes it more difficult to use in an intense situation. However, if it comes down to it this taser will deliver the stun necessary to stop someone and provide time for you to escape.

Pros & Cons: This taser is very affordable and attached to your car keys you’ll never forget it. The downside is the switch and button used to activate the taser could easily be set off in your pocket. You may have to get used to keeping your keys outside your pocket if this taser is hanging from them.

Commonly Asked Questions

Will a compact personal taser be enough to protect me? – Yes! The good thing about tasers is the size of them often doesn’t change how effective they are. The size and design often come down to other things like ergonomics, different grips, or being stealthy.

What are the odds of accidentally tasering myself? – This depends on the type of taser you’re using. If you’re highly concerned with this look for tasers with a safety switch. Additionally, keep an eye out for taser that include holsters.

Will these tasers work against animals? – A taser will work against an aggressive dog but I don’t recommend getting a keychain taser if you’re worried about dogs. Instead, you should go for a stun rod that provides you with more distance between you and an aggressive animal.


I hope you enjoyed our guide on the best personal taser. Obviously, we’re huge advocates for the taser and encourage everyone to own one. They’re the best non-lethal weapon you can go with that’s going to keep you safe from an attacker.

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