Will A Stun Gun Work On A Dog?

Now, I know many of you may be wondering, why on earth would anyone want to use a stun gun on a dog? You’re likely picturing your little pooch, sprinkles, and can’t imagine anyone wanting to do such harm to her. Well, I ask you, what about wild dogs?

What about rabid wolves, or your neighbors aggressive pit bull that’s been wandering free around the neighborhood and bit someone last week? Or what about law enforcement officers, who are often called to the scene when animals such as dogs are roaming loose in a neighborhood? Could a taser or stun gun work for them?

Will a stun gun work on a dog? Yes, a stun gun will work on even the largest dogs. However, tasers should be exercised with caution when being used on a dog.

Although some studies say tasers are safe and effective on dogs (and have been practiced on pigs, pit bulls, and other midsized animals), they are not advisable for smaller dogs, due to the strength of a stun gun. Smaller stun guns that can be used for dogs and other mid-sized animals are sold online, and can be purchased by anyone in the US, even if they are not a law enforcement officer.

will a stun gun work on a dog

What Is A Stun Gun?

A stun gun is a device very similar to a taser, although it is overall different in design. This can be confusing at first, as tasers are often described interchangeably with the term “stun gun.” While a taser can be shot using barbs from up to 35 feet away from the victim, stun guns are designed to have direct contact with the victim, rather than being shot at them.

Stun guns, like tasers, administer either a single shock or series of electric shocks to the victim, causing their muscles to seize and become temporarily paralyzed. This allows the person administering the shock to escape harm, and in law enforcement, allows officers to control and arrest the person being shocked.

Both tasers and stun guns can administer up to 50,000 volts in a single shock, and users of these weapons should be very careful when administering them, as they’ve proven lethal in some cases.

There are several videos online showing the effects of both stun guns and tasers, as well as the detailed information you’ll find here on Taser Guide.

How Does It Work On A Dog?

A stun gun will work on a dog the same way it works on a human. Once the administrator places the live stun gun against the dog, an electric shock of up to 50,000 volts will be administered, shocking the dog’s muscles and causing it to go temporarily paralyzed.

Studies have shown that the fur on a dog’s coat has no effect on the effect of the weapon, though the size of the dog should be taken into consideration before administering a shock.

While a stun gun may not be lethal on a pit bull, the chance of lethality will be much higher when used on a tiny dog, such as a chihuahua.

Should I Invest In One?

This is a personal decision you must make for both you and your family. Although many pet owners and veterinarians suggest that stun guns are not advised to be used on dogs, nor welcome at the dog park, many taser and stun gun supporters think the opposite.

Stun guns with lower voltage that are designed specifically for dogs can be easily found and purchased online, though even these devices can pose a risk for small, ordinary canines. If you are a law enforcement officer, animal control officer, or are often around large, dangerous dogs, then this might be a good idea.

If you’re an ordinary dog owner in a safe neighborhood, then you probably don’t need one in all reality. Either way, it should only be used a last resort because of the dangers it poses for the animal.

What Else Can I Use Besides A Stun Gun?

There are several options for you to use against a wild or loose dog in your neighborhood. In fact, you don’t even have to attempt to hurt or injure the dog – distracting the dog does just as much good, if not better.

One good option is to throw treats at the dog – not in an attempt to hurt it, but just to startle it. Once the dog is startled from being hit with the treats, it will then be distracted by the treats, allowing you to gain some distance from the dog while the dog eats the treats.

Another option is to startle it using another method, such as opening an umbrella near it, or spraying it with a safe substance when it comes too close. However, do not use any dangerous substance when spraying the dog, such as pepper spray.

Pain will only serve to make the dog more aggressive, and wind can cause the dangerous substance to blow into your own eyes. Regardless of the method you choose, do not run, running will only cause the dog to react by chasing you.


So, will a stun gun work on a dog? Yes, stun guns can be used on dogs, although it is not advised as a normal, go-to method of animal control. If you are a law enforcement officer or an animal control officer, these dog-specific stun guns can be easily purchased online.

However, there are many safer methods of animal control and safer methods of protecting yourself against a wild dog. In many cases, a loose dog will not desire to hurt you, so antagonizing it would not be in your best favor.

If you are ever in the presence of a loose dog, make sure you call animal control or the local police first and take matters into your own hands second. After all, we wouldn’t want anything too bad to happen to fluffy.