What Happens When You Taser Someone?

Maybe you’re considering getting a taser for your own personal protection or are just curious about what happens when you taser someone. Either way, we highly encourage taser ownership here at Taser Guide. If you’re worried about the unknown and what happens while someone is going through the pull of a taser trigger, don’t because we’re about to break it down for you.

Direct Answer: The voltage delivered from a taser is designed to override an attacker’s central nervous system. This results in complete muscular override where the person is unable to control muscle movement on their own and the muscles spasm involuntarily. That’s why some people will appear to flop and shake during the 5-30 seconds of output from your taser.

The Moment Your Taser Goes Off On Someone

When you fire a cartridge taser 2 pronged barbs will penetrate the skin and voltage will be delivered from the wires tethered to the end of these barbs. This sends electrical current into the body causing muscles contractions and intense pain.

The muscle contractions are typically severe enough to drop the person to the ground. How long they go through this experience depends on the taser you’re using. For example, if you were to taser someone with the Taser Pulse Stun Gun it has a 30-second duration but, a different taser may be anywhere from the 5-30-second duration and keep in mind some allow for a second shot without needing to be reloaded.

Will Tasering Someone Stop Their Heart?

A study on the effect of tasers on the human heart suggests that the weapons are unlikely to harm the human heart. This doesn’t mean however they wouldn’t have a heart attack from the “excitement” or head damage from the fall.

As long as the person is of good general health they would be OK from getting tasered. This leaves you out of any possible legal issues from having to defend yourself. Unfortunately, we live in a time where someone attacking you could end up suing you for excessive force or something crazy.

A taser is the perfect form of non-lethal self-defense and personal protection. However, let me disclaimer the information above because I am not a licensed medical professional.

what happens when you taser someone

Will It Knock Them Unconscious?

As much as you probably would love to read a yes here the truth is your taser likely won’t cause anyone to pass out. No matter how high a voltage you have it’s unlikely someone gets knocked out from it but, it does happen time to time.

Tasers are designed to deter, subdue, and escape dangerous situations. They provide you with enough time to exit safely when used on someone. While that someone is catching their breath, flopping around, or going through the painful motion of being tasered, that becomes your opportunity to do what you need to do.

Do People Pee or Poop Themselves From Being Tasered?

This depends on how full your bladder was or close to going to empty your colon. If you happen to get tasered with a full bladder you’ll likely pee yourself because of the muscle contraction and release that you won’t have control over.

Normally, a taser won’t cause you to pee or poop yourself otherwise. Other factors outside the effect of the taser can also contribute to someone peeing themselves during the same moment of being tasered. This could be from anxiety or nervousness if they know they’re about to be tasered.

To wrap up this question it isn’t something you should directly worry about. If you’re planning on testing your taser on a friend or being the subject of the test you won’t have to worry. Just make sure you make a bathroom visit and empty yourself before doing the test.

Are There Any Lasting Effects To Being Tasered?

Another concern for many people is if there are any long lasting effects from being tasered. At most someone may experience a slight pain or stress for a few hours after being tasered. There are no other long lasting effects that happen from being shot with a taser.

This is what makes the taser a great self-defense tool. Unlike guns, knives etc… there won’t be any lasting effects on the person you’ve tasered. This probably isn’t a concern of yours since you just want to defend yourself and the damage they encounter is their own fault but, it’s just good to know.


I hope you enjoyed this article on what happens when you taser someone. We wanted to answer your question and a few leading questions you may have had surrounding the subject.

At Taser Guide we encourage everyone to carry a taser in some shape or form. There are many options to choose from: stun guns, handhelds, knuckles, hidden devices, and so much more. They’re a great way to defend yourself and give you more self-confidence knowing you have something if a bad situation pops up.