How Long Can You Taser Someone?

The shock from a taser gun can take down any assailant of any size but how long can you taser someone. Have you considered a taser for your self defense arsenal? Do you want a non-lethal tool that will disarm an enemy for as long as possible? Do you know how long you can taser someone? We’ll review that information along with how a Taser gun works and what some drawbacks are to using them. Having as much information as possible when choosing and carrying your taser gun will make you more confident and keep you safer.

How long you can taser someone is dictated by the taser model you use. The Taser Pulse+ and the Taser Bolt have an initial shock sequence up to 30 seconds long. The X2 and X26P models have an initial energy burst lasting only 5 seconds each. Subsequent shocks can be delivered after the first hit, as long as the probes stay attached to your attacker.

how long can you taser someone

How Does A Taser Gun work?

When you shoot someone with a Taser gun, two metal probes attached to conductive wires are fired toward your target. When the probes make contact, tiny barbs hold them in place and a 50,000 volt current is delivered straight to the neuromuscular system of your attacker. This charge can make its way through up to 2″ of clothing, so even someone who is wearing multiple or thick layers will not avoid the effects of a taser shock.

Upon contact, the shock of your taser gun will incapacitate your target, as they will lose all control of their muscles. The point is not to cause pain (although it can be painful), it is to cause neuromuscular incapacitation. Or, to stop the brain from communicating with muscles. Your assailant will be unable to control their muscular system while they are being shocked, and it will take several minutes for them to regain control.

Whether hit with a 5-second shot from a weapon like the X26P or a 30-second shot from the Bolt, your target will be down-and-out long enough for you to get away.

What If I Miss?

All Taser gun models have back-up stun gun capability. In the case of an emergency like a missed shot, you can still deliver a powerful hit and have time to run away. When using the stun gun feature, don’t worry about physically touching the other person yourself. The charge from a stun gun cannot pass between two people, so you are not in danger of being shocked as well.

You can purchase one Taser model, the Taser X2 ,that does allow for an immediate firing of a second cartridge. The X2 is commonly used in law enforcement because of it’s back-up fire feature. This is a larger taser gun and may not be the best fit for everyone.

You should practice using your Taser gun as often as possible to improve aim and gain confidence in your weapon. Practicing with live cartridges is the best way to hone your skills. Check out this video showing how to draw, warn your attacker, and shoot a taser gun effectively.

How Do I Choose The Right Model For Me?

With any self defense weapon, there are features to consider when deciding what is right for you. As we have covered, there are a handful of different taser models. There may be more than one that will fit your needs. You should review all of them carefully before purchasing one.

One thing to think about is how you’d like to carry your self defense weapon. If you have a smaller frame or want a Taser gun that is easily concealed, the Bolt and the Pulse+ might be what you need. These models have smaller handles and may fit better under fitted clothing or in a purse.

Do you want to be intimidating? If you want a larger weapon that has more “scare power”-the X2 model will do just that. It’s got a larger handle for people needing extra room for grip, and a larger body make it stand out from its holster.

How much do you want to invest in your weapon? Taser guns range from around $400 to over $1100. If you have a smaller budget or are just starting out using these weapons, you can invest in a less expensive model and get the same powerful results as a larger one.

How much time do you need to get away? The difference between the models that have a 30-second shock cycle and the 5-second cycle is amperage. Both feature 50,000 volts, but the shorter cycles operate with a higher amperage amount. Because of the higher amps, the 5-second shock is just as effective as the 30-second one. If you feel you need more time to get to safety, the 30-second models might be a better choice for you.

What Else Should I Consider?

In a perfect setting, you’ll hit your target with your first trigger pull and always have full battery life on your taser device. Danger doesn’t usually have perfect timing. You may want to make sure you always have a backup cartridge with you and possibly even a back-up battery pack.

State and local laws may affect whether you can own a taser gun. Always check with your local law enforcement agency before committing to purchasing your self defense weapon. There could be regulations on age, where you can carry your device, and licensing that you need to make yourself aware of to avoid legal consequences.

The shock from a taser gun will take down even the largest, most dangerous individual. How long can you taser someone depends on which device you have chosen. The 5-second cycle and the 30-second cycle will both cause serious incapacitation and give you plenty of time to get to safety and call the appropriate authorities. Knowing your weapon well, being prepared with back-up cartridges and batteries, and training yourself to use your taser gun will make you that much more effective in self defense.