Will A Taser Stop A Pitbull?

If you’re a dog owner or have experienced an attack by any dog or a pit bull specifically then you can understand how intense this can be. It might be making you wonder… will a taser stop a pit bull? What should you do in the event of a pit bull attack? Especially if it’s attacking your dog while you both are on a walk?

It’s important to know what to do in the event of a dog attack. Animals can be unpredictable and it’s rough if you find yourself unprepared in a violent encounter with a pit bull. That’s why I put together this article to ensure you will be adequately prepared and safe in the event that this happens to you!

Just so you’re aware a pit bull will definitely be stopped by a taser. Now, there are rare occurrences where an electronic weapon didn’t work to stop individual pit bulls but this is also true in regards to humans that seem immune to it as well. Expert dog trainers actually recommend tasers in the event of a pit bull attack. You can get an item called a break stick that is used by dog trainers, but this is only to pry open the mouth of a dog that is clamped down on another dog.

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will a taser stop a pitbull

How Does A Taser Stop A Pit Bull?

If you find yourself under attack from a pit bull and you have your taser handy then your next reaction is going to be to taser the dog. So! How does it work? Well, it works the same as it works on a human actually. Our physiology is the same when it comes to the brain and how it communicates with the central nervous system.

The way a taser works is by issuing an electrical current into the assailant (in this case, a dog) and it essentially speaks the same language as the electrical current that the brain is using to communicate with the muscles to allow them to operate. When the brain is overloaded with a current this huge it causes the muscles to cease up and stop operating.

Is A Taser The Best Weapon Choice For A Pit Bull?

If you are looking for personal self-defense, then yes. Break sticks are available but they are used to pry open the mouth of the dog when it is bitten down on another dog. You probably won’t have the ability to pry the pit bull off of yourself because, well, it’s gonna hurt a lot.

However, if you are specifically looking for defense against a pit bull because you are a dog owner and worried about your dog being attacked while on a walk or at a dog park then a break stick would be for you.

You can watch a video here on how to utilize a break stick on a pit bull:

What Kind Of Taser Will Work?

Any of the most popular tasers on the market today will work in stopping a dog from attacking you, like the X26C. The X26C is a great option as it will work for both dogs and humans. It comes in at a peak voltage of 50,000 volts and 2.1 milliamps which is going to produce the desired effect for you. The desired effect we’re talking about here is incapacitation.

The police use this same taser in the field and it has been known to stop pit bulls. The version they use is the X26E where the E stands for enforcement and the C stands for civilian. The main difference between the two is that the X26C has a stackable 10/20/30 second cycle while the police version has a 5-second cycle. This can only be re-initiated by another trigger pull after the 5-second cycle fully completes.

Just so you know, there are reports of a taser not stopping a pit bull. There is always going to be an exception when the real-world application is compared to theory. It’s the same as the stories you hear about people that are seemingly immune to tasers.

Animal Attacks And Self-Defense Laws

If you’re wondering if you’ll be covered under self-defense laws when you defend yourself against a pit bull attack with a taser, the law says you will. Essentially, it is lawful to defend and even kill any animal that you know or have been given good reason to believe that the animal is going to harm you or another person.

This does not mean that you can attack or kill an animal based on its reputation or even based on it’s past transgressions no matter how bad. For example, if your dog was killed by another dog and you acted later out of revenge by killing or tasing the other dog then you would be punished by the fullest extent of the law. It’s important you understand this!

How Worried Should I Be About A Pit Bull Attack?

Statistics show that are over 1 million people a year that receive medical attention per year from dog attacks in general. With the U.S population of about 328 million that puts you at about a .3% chance of being victim of a dog attack.

Remember, these are all dogs, not just pit bulls. Studies show that pit bulls have a temperament passing rate of 86.7% which is really good. Generally, dog attacks are caused by a lack of training and socialization. Since pit bulls get a bad rep for being the most aggressive dog this would insinuate that the majority of people that own pit bulls are failing at dog ownership, not that the dog is failing at being a dog.  

So, in regards to the chance of being attacked, it’s not that huge. It’s not something that you need to lose sleep over. But if you find yourself falling into that .3% then you are going to be happy that you got a taser to protect yourself against it. 

In Conclusion

You should now feel amply confident in your ability to stop a pit bull with a taser! Not only do you know that a taser will stop a pit bull, but you also know what items to look for when defending yourself or others against a pit bull attack. This includes the break stick which is useful for breaking up dog fights and also the X26C if you’re defending yourself or other humans!

You’re also aware that you’re well within your rights to defend yourself against a pit bull attack and even how common it is. Now that you’re a fully informed citizen on the topic, you can now make the best decision possible for protecting you and your family!

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