What Does A Taser Look Like?

Have you spotted a law enforcement officer carrying a self-defense weapon and wondered if it’s a taser gun? Do you want to carry your own taser, but are unsure if it will be too bulky or visible? Taser guns can be a great, non-lethal choice for civilians and police officers to stay safe in dangerous situations.

They keep you at a safe distance from an unsafe person and their effects last long enough for you to get help. In this article, we’ll answer “What does a taser look like?” so you can spot one at a distance and know whether it could be the right weapon for you.

A taser gun looks similar to a handgun. It’s a handheld device with a shaft, or handle for easy grip when firing. It has a short “barrel” that cartridges are loaded in to the end of. Taser guns are typically black, but some do have yellow features like branding, safety switches, and blast doors. They have a trigger and sites for aim. Most tasers fit in to a side holster to offer easy carry and draw for quick firing.

what does a taser look like

What Is The Smallest Taser?

The Taser Bolt offers the sleekest taser gun design available. Weighing in at .33 pounds, this handheld self-defense weapon has the same knockdown power of a full sized taser. It’s leaner shape makes it easy for people of any size to carry.

It’s convenient for walking, running, and other outdoor activities where a holstered weapon might not be ideal. Keep it in your pocket, in the back of your spandex, or in a backpack for quick access. This taser is offered with an all black body and bright yellow blast doors on the cartridge.

Your attacker won’t know you’ve got it until they see it pointed right at them. Like other models, the Bolt features a laser to help with aim. It’s got a flashlight to help in poorly lit situations, too.

What About The Next Size Up?

If you want or need a weapon with a little more size, the Taser Pulse Plus could be for you. This model looks like a handgun in every way. The Pulse Plus weighs half a pound. It is larger than the Bolt but it’s still considered lightweight and is an easy to carry tool.

Mimicking a sub-compact pistol, the shorter handle is stout enough for a solid grip and easy aim. The safety switches on this device are shaved and comfortable to use. It pairs high visibility front and rear sites on the barrel to support the optional laser sight. The trigger on the pulse is a single action electric switch that fires the cartridges from the weapon when pulled.

A little less low profile, the black body of the Pulse is accented with yellow “Pulse” branding, a yellow safety switch, and front site, and a yellow blast door. This model features the same bright LED flashlight tool as the Taser Bolt for safety and convenience.

Largest Models

The X26P Professional Series taser gun is sure to intimidate. This model is used in law enforcement agencies around the globe. At 44 ounces before a cartridge is loaded, the X26P feels rugged and weighty when carrying. It’s best carried in a holster due to size and weight.

When Taser designed the X26P they made handling priority, adding size to the handle to enhance the user experience. This taser gun has a height of 3.2 inches for plenty of grip space. It’s got the LED flashlight and laser pairing at the front and top mounted mechanical sites. The X26P has a threatening all black color palette, it looks as tough as its bite feels.

Following up the X26P is the Taser X2. This model should slow down an attacker with its looks alone. You’ll have two bright yellow, live cartridges pointed in their direction. If that doesn’t convince an adversary to slow down, you can hit them from up to 15′ away to prove this taser gun is no bluff.

The X2 is a little lighter than the X26P but does offer a bit more height and width. Law enforcement agencies trust the X2 just like the X26P. It looks a little out of this world but handles well in an emergency. Like the other models, the front of this taser gun houses the cartridges, LED flashlight, and laser sight. Top mounted mechanical sites round off the design.

Hardware In Common

All the taser guns we’ve covered have features in common like sites, safety switches, and blast doors. These weapons have replaceable battery cartridges at the base of the unit. They do not have rechargeable batteries, so you want to keep your eye on the battery life indicator at the back of your model.

The guns are all front loaded-you want to face them away from your body when loading or reloading. You’ll have to do this after each firing, except in the case of the X2 that has 2-shot capability.


The closer you keep your weapon to your body, the safer you are. Your smaller Bolt and Pulse+ models can be kept in your waistband or pocket. The larger models are best holstered for fast draw and aim. While carrying in a purse or bag is optional, remember, if someone steals your bag, they’ve got your weapon and can use it against you.


Now that we’ve answered “What does a taser look like?”, you can be on your way to making the best decision on the model that is right for you. While not all taser guns are as intimidating as others, they all offer a hard electrical hit that will send any bad guy reeling.

Pick the weapon that will be most comfortable in your hands. Consider how you’ll carry it and what situation you’ll most need it for. Review accessories and load up on back-up batteries and live cartridges. Most importantly, always check state and local laws regarding carrying and use of tasers before purchasing.