Where To Buy A Stun Gun In Pennsylvania?

Are you a resident in Pennsylvania and are considering buying a stun gun? Maybe you’re wondering where to buy a stun gun in Pennsylvania? Or perhaps you just moved to Pennsylvania and want to know if you’re allowed to keep and carry your stun gun you already have?

Whether you are a current resident to Pennsylvania or a new one, I will ensure you are fully informed so that you can be comfortable in your purchase and also with the carrying of your stun gun in Pennsylvania. It is important to be familiar with the local laws before purchasing a self-defense weapon and also the best places to buy go and buy one!

In Pennsylvania, there are many local shops that you can purchase your stun gun at. We will go over a few of the ones that have the best reviews in your area. Also, in this day and age, it can sometimes be easier to have it shipped to you to avoid all the common issues and irritations that come with running errands on a day to day basis. To address the law in Pennsylvania, it is legal for you to own and also carry a stun gun in Pennsylvania. It is even legal for you to carry it openly or concealed without obtaining a permit! Remember, this is specific to Pennsylvania. Make sure to check up on your state’s laws if you are somewhere else.

where to buy a stun gun in pennsylvania

Understanding The Stun Gun

It’s very important to understand what you’re buying before you buy it, especially if it’s about your own safety. Manufacturers have been misleading in advertising voltage in ridiculous amounts like 100 million or 230 billion and the list goes on and on.

To understand what stun gun you want to get for yourself you would want to look at additional factors. The leading analogy to explain an electrical current is comparing it to water in a pipe. Voltage is equal to water pressure, which pushes the water through the pipe.

However, you have to have water there. The water moving through the pipe is the current, which is what you would call amps. On a very basic level, it is generally understood that it is the amps that kill you. 200 milliamps are considered the lethal level, on average, and most stun guns will come in at 2-4 milliamps.

Now you might have realized we have water pressure (voltage) and a current (amps), but where’s the water? The actual amount of charge in electrical current is measured in coulombs (Q) or microcoulombs (uC). So, in a stun gun, you need to have enough voltage to force the microcoulombs or “charge” into the person and enough amps to carry the charge effectively to cause the desired effect, which is pain and incapacitation to your target.

Watching this video will give you an in-depth overview of how an electrical current works:

What Stun Gun To Buy

Now that you have a clear understanding of how an electrical charge works and how it applies to stun gun we can talk about the exciting prospect of which one you want to buy! Now that we can steer clear of the incredible voltage claims and knowing that stun guns you will buy on the market will be 2-4 milliamps, all that really leaves is the microcoulombs (uC). 

SABRE has done a great job testing their devices and focusing on the uC to ensure they have stun guns that induce a high level of pain, which is what you’re looking for in a stun gun. For that reason, I would recommend the Sabre Dual Capacitor Stun Gun which comes in at 1.6 uC. The National Institute of Justice states that anything over 1 uC will induce high levels of pain. Perfect!

Where Can I Buy One Close To Me?

There are a couple different ways to buy and own a stun gun. In Pennsylvania, there are many different gun shops that carry self-defense weapons. In today’s era, we can easily recognize that time is our most valuable asset over anything else.

So, to save you time I compiled a list of a few gun shops that carry self-defense guns that have received high reviews from previous customers. Remember, it’s a good idea to give them a call and make sure they have the one you’re looking for!

  • Golden Trigger Gun Shop – (610-967-1018) – Emmaus, PA (Eastern)
  • Wholesale Blades/Sharp Import – (856-382-0631) – Bensalem, PA (Eastern)
  • A-Advantage Firearms – (412-782-2213) – Pittsburgh, PA (Western)

The Law In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, it is legal for most people to carry a stun gun on their person, openly or concealed, without obtaining a permit. It says most people so as to limit minors and felons from being able to obtain one, lawfully. The statutes of Pennsylvania’s Constitution also states that a person may have a stun gun, legally, as long as the use of it is intended for legal purposes.

This definition means that you essentially are only allowed to use the device for self-defense, which makes sense. Keep in mind that laws are subject to change, but your local gun shops will be up to date on the laws relating to these and you can always contact your local legislators if you are concerned about any updates that may have happened unbeknownst to you.

Now You’re ready!

Whether you just moved to Pennsylvania or have been living there for a while you are now fully informed on what to look for in a stun gun. You understand how the stun gun works and what to really look for when choosing your personal self-defense weapon. You also know where to buy a stun gun in Pennsylvania! Awesome!

More importantly, you’re up to date and familiar with the local laws of Pennsylvania. This ensures that you can be comfortable knowing you are within the legal boundaries of your state while carrying your stun gun. Have fun and be safe!