What Is The Strongest Stun Gun?

When choosing the right self defense weapon for you, you probably want the strongest tool on the market. With stun guns, it’s not always easy to figure out what the strongest model is. Do you know how the “strength” of a stun gun is measured? Do you know what is the strongest stun gun available? If you want the most effective stun gun, you need to know how to pick one that will take down an attacker quickly and put them in enough pain for you to have time to run for help. Let’s review how to know how strong a stun gun is so you can feel confident you are as protected as possible.

The strongest stun guns on the market will couple high voltage with a strong amperage amount to deliver the maximum allowable charge to an assailant. The strongest stun guns are advertised with millions of volts worth of power. They are backed by strong amp counts like 4.5-5 milliamps. These charges are not lethal but they will put a hurting on an unruly person.

what is the strongest stun gun

How Do Volts And AMPs Work Together?

There is a common textbook style explanation for the relationship between voltage and amperage. Imagine your garden hose with water flowing through it. The amount of water flowing through your hose would represent amps, or, the amount of electricity flowing through an object. The speed the water is traveling, or the pressure pushing the water through your hose would represent voltage.

When applied to how a stun gun works, the volts are pushing amps out of the weapon at a very high speed, or, with a lot of pressure. This high pressure forces the electrical current through thick clothing layers and will impact people with thicker skin.

Are Stronger Stun Guns More Dangerous?

Any stun gun that is designed to deliver a more powerful electric shock will be more dangerous than lower strength models. When considering “danger” and electricity, amps are really what need to be gauged. Any amperage amount over .1 or .2 (100-200 milliamps) can kill a person.

You’ll notice when shopping for stun guns that the highest rated devices only pack 4.5-5 milliamps. These devices will cause pain but typically not death. Those that advertise higher volts, like, in the millions, are just capable of delivering those amps faster and more effectively.

One concern people have over using stun guns is whether they’ll get shocked by their own device if they touch the person they are defending themselves against. The electrical current of a stun gun is not capable of “jumping” from one person to another. There is no danger of shocking yourself unless you’ve gotten in between your stun gun and your attacker.

What Are The Strongest Stun Guns Available?

The King Cobra Enforcer 2 is one of the hardest hitting stun guns on the market. It combines 5.8 million volts of electricity with 50 milliamps to take down even the largest opponent. This device is nicely sized with a well designed handgrip. It will fit in your pocket or purse so you can conceal it easily.

This Bashlight Stun Gun Flashlight offers many features in one easy to handle device. It is a 120 lumen flashlight that will light your path in the darkest of nights. The lanyard will make sure you don’t drop it in case of a surprise attack. With 15 million volts behind 4.7 milliamps of power, you’ll have your attacker on the ground in seconds and can run for help.

The RUNT Stun Gun Home Self Defense Weapon with LED flashlight is a top contender in the stun gun market. Despite its small size, the RUNT packs in a 4.5 milliamp charge with 20,000,000 volts behind it. You can conceal this device in your pocket or keep it comfortably in the palm of your hand. The RUNT does have a built in LED flashlight as well, so you can see danger coming your way.

Are There Other Features To Look For?

When shopping for your first (or next) stun gun, aside from power you want a durable product that you can handle comfortably. High powered stun guns are available as small handheld units, baton style weapons, and even covertly designed to look like lipstick cases.

Most stun guns do come with rechargeable batteries. If they don’t you should always have backup batteries available in case of an emergency. Testing your stun gun regularly to make sure it is working properly is best practice.

Are Stun Guns Regulated?

Stun guns are not legal in all 50 states for civilian use. Hawaii, New York, and Rhode Island prohibit the possession and use of stun guns. Some states where they are legal do have restrictions on where you can take your stun gun, or whether you need to register it locally.

Even if owning a stun gun in your state is legal, there may be regulations at the local level that affect you. Licensing and age restrictions are solid examples of legislation related to stun guns. You should call or visit your local law enforcement agency before deciding to use a stun gun for self defense.

If you are planning to travel to or through multiple different states, you should familiarize yourself with the laws of each state you will be in. You don’t want to be in possession of a stun gun in a state where they are banned. You could be subject to that state’s penalties. Those typically include hefty fines and even jail time.

Answering “What is the strongest stun gun?” can be complicated. If you’re looking for the strongest model available, search for the terms amps or amperage and volts. Combining high levels of both will give you maximum protection against an attacker. Make sure the weapon you choose is something you are comfortable carrying and make sure you know the laws that will affect you. Use your stun gun wisely to avoid liability and keep yourself safe.