Vipertek Taser Review: Best 4 Models

This is our Vipertek taser review where we’re going to break down the best tasers Vipertek has to offer. There are 4 different models from this company that have peaked user interest and have risen to the top. If anything is certain it’s that this company makes a great product but here’s our breakdown of how each model is unique.

ProductOur RatingType
Vipertek VTS-9894.8 / 5Standard
Vipertek VTS-8804.8 / 5Mini Stun Gun
Vipertek VTS-1954.5 / 5Flashlight Taser
Vipertek VTS-8814.8 / 5Micro Stun Gun

The Master of Handheld Tasers

When it comes to handheld tasers you’ll come across all different levels of quality. There are hundreds of tasers out there that have been made extremely cheaply and don’t work well. This is mostly because the taser as a product is easy to do but hard to master.

Maybe you’ve heard of that before because it applies to several things. Easy to do, hard to master is the way I look at creating a taser. The inner workings of a handheld taser aren’t very complicated so you can get people making crappy products all the time.

So, when a company like Vipertek takes the time to master the product and do it right they deserve some recognition. Vipertek’s handheld tasers are several classes above most other options available on the market.

Their products are sturdy, durable, well put together, and most importantly they work extremely well while putting out a crazy amount of voltage. They’re making tasers that will last a long time and at the same time aren’t over priced. They’re making a quality taser and making it available at a fair price that no matter what your budget is you’ll be able to afford one.

In my opinion there isn’t another company that competes on the same level as Vipertek except for the TASER company themselves. You’ll come across others which are decent such as Sabre but I don’t think they’re making as good of a product by direct comparison to Vipertek.

Are Vipertek Stun Guns Legal?

Vipertek stun guns are legal in the majority of the United States. Unfortunately, some states and cities have passed local laws restricting the use of tasers. Even though the taser is the best form of non-lethal self-defense they have decided they don’t want their citizens owning them.

These locations include:

  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Connecticut
  • New Jersey
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Wisconsin
  • District of Columbia
  • Annapolis, MD
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Chicago, IL
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Baltimore County, MD
  • Crawford County, IA

If you’re not on the list above still check your local laws.

You’ll likely still find people with tasers in these areas because they just make sense to own for personal protection. You just won’t be able to have one ordered online and shipped to your residence. If you live in one of these locations you may be able to find one in a local store or would have to buy one out of state and bring it home.

I don’t encourage the breaking of any laws but if you do get yourself a taser I suggest keeping it in a safe location. Keep one in the trunk of your car or the dashboard and maybe one near your bedside. Just don’t go around carrying it on your hip for obvious reasons.

How To Use A Vipertek Taser

If you’ve never used a handheld taser before then we’re going to tell you how and don’t worry it’s not difficult. Once you’ve learned how to use one handheld taser you basically know how to use them all.

All handheld tasers have 2 different action buttons. The first button usually has 2 steps to it. The first click will enable a flashlight if it has one. This first click also functions somewhat as a safety switch if your taser doesn’t have a dedicated one and most do not. You cannot activate the taser when on the first click.

Going to the second click of the same button will have the taser ready to be used. This often also turns the flashlight off. While on the second click if you press the second button on your taser it will activate and run an electrical current between the metal ends.

In order to taser someone you will need to activate the taser and touch it directly to someone’s skin for best results. You can taser someone through their clothes also but it helps if you’re using a taser such as the Vipertek VTS-989 that has sharp electrode ends to penetrate through clothing.

Maintain contact to that person while the taser is active until they drop to the ground. It’s at this moment you will need to decide your next action. I recommend you choose to escape the situation but if you’re unable to do so you can taser the person again and again to subdue them until authorities arrive.

Tasering someone multiple times will not cause permanent or life threatening damage. You can also touch the person while they’re being tasered and it will not effect you. A taser will only work on the person it’s directly connected with.

Make sure to use the wrist strap if it’s available. This will prevent the taser from being snatched out of your hands and being used against you. It’s a minor thing but it will change the tides against you if you forget to slip it over your wrist.

How To Charge A Vipertek Taser

What makes these handheld tasers so affordable for the long run is the ability to charge them at home. Cartridge stun guns require replacement parts after being used so many times. Cartridges have a one time use and batteries range from 50 – 300 uses but could fall anywhere in between.

Vipertek handheld tasers have unlimited uses and are charged at home through either a short cable that plugs into the wall or it’ll have an attached outlet prongs to wall charge. It just depends on which model taser you end up buying but one’s requiring the wire have it included in the box.

Are Vipertek Stun Guns Any Good?

The question is everywhere, are Vipertek stun guns good? People have been fooled by other cheap tasers so many times they’re hesitant when it comes to other brands.

In my opinion, Vipertek stun guns are amazing. It’s the handheld taser brand I trust the most to perform as advertised. Every product of theirs I’ve held in my hands has felt like a quality piece of equipment and I feel confident in its ability to help me defend myself.

Reviewing The 4 Best Vipertek Taser Models

vipertek taser review

Below is our breakdown and review of the 4 main tasers from Vipertek. These 4 models cover a wide variety of needs so you should have an option below that suits what you’re looking for. We’ve got a standard taser, mini taser, stealth taser, and micro taser all from a company that backs their products with a lifetime warranty.

Vipertek VTS-989

The Vipertek VTS-989 is a standard body taser that comes in at 6.5″ inches long. When I say standard body it’s similar to the type of taser you’re used to seeing on TV. It’s heavy duty and durable made with quality from head to toe.

The body has molded finger grips, a wrist strap, switches on opposite sides, front end flashlight, and spiked electrode prongs. The battery is rechargeable from home and it includes the wire needed to do so. It also comes with a nice nylon holster.

The wrist strap is great for preventing snatch theft and having the taser taken from you during any physical confrontation. The switch locations are placed well to allow the thumb switch for light usage and preparing the taser for use and the action button near your pointing finger.

The front end flashlight is bright and works really well. This can make it appear as you’re only holding a flashlight at night instead of a taser which will catch an assailant off-guard. The 2 metal prongs that the current runs between are solid and spiked.

Them being spiked helps penetrate through thick clothing and increases the tasers effectiveness.

Pros & Cons: Overall, I really like this product and own a few myself. It will drop a grown man to his knees in pain in a quick second. There haven’t been any common negative issues with the product that customers have brought to attention.

Vipertek VTS-880

The Vipertek VTS-880 is a mini taser shaped like a deck of cards but it’s a little larger than that. The shape and design of this taser makes it easy to slip into your pocket or purse. The shape also feels solid and comfortable in your hands and doesn’t feel like you’ll accidentally drop it or taser yourself.

The body is sleek but has a non-slip rubber coating. There’s no wrist strap on this model and the switches are located on the same side of the device accessible with your thumb. The front end is equipped with a flashlight and 2 flat metal prongs for the current to run between.

On the bottom of this taser is a pop out outlet prong for wall charging. There’s no wire to keep up with to recharge this taser. It also comes with a nice nylon case.

Even though there’s no molded finger grips or wrist strap the taser doesn’t feel like its going anywhere. With its thin body it allows your hand to grip the entirety of the taser so it would also be difficult for someone to take it from you.

The top end flashlight is quite bright and great for use at night and it will keep you prepared if someone approaches you. As for the prongs I typically favor the flat style less but customers haven’t found it a problem. I would just recommend aiming for skin over clothing.

Pros & Cons: It’s a very powerful taser in a small size. It’s well constructed and overall a great product. On the downside, I would have liked to see a wrist strap for this model. Another issue is with both switches being on the same side. This creates a potential to taser yourself by accident as one customer found out.

Vipertek VTS-195

The Vipertek VTS-195 is what we like to call a stealth taser. It’s disguised as an everyday flashlight and no one will ever know it’s a taser unless you go out of your way to show them. For a flashlight it’s on the small to average size.

If you don’t want people around you to know you have a taser this is the type of device you need. You can use it as your everyday flashlight to go to and from the car. It also makes a great option for the taser you keep in places you frequent such as the gym, office, and your car.

It’s also a great option for the taser you give to all of your family. Because of its dual usage they’re going to be way more likely to keep it around.

The body of this taser is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum alloy, the flashlight uses bright LED bulbs, and it has a rechargeable battery. This taser uses a charging wire to plug into the wall and there’s one included in the box.

The buttons on this taser are right under each other. One button is your flashlight button and the other activates the taser. You’ll have to push the first button into the second click before you can activate the taser and this cuts the light off at the same time.

Pros & Cons: It’s one of the very few stealth tasers that isn’t a gimmick. This thing really works and works well. The downside is it’s not as concealable as some of the other models. If someone picks this up without knowing it’s a taser they could shock themselves so make sure to inform your family.

Vipertek VTS-881

The Vipertek VTS-881 is the micro model from this company. It’s the smallest taser they make and it comes in at just under 4″ inches long. They offer it in a variety of colors so it appears they’re marketing it more towards women.

If you’re tight on available room the micro stun gun is likely what you need. Even with it’s nylon case on it won’t take up much room. This is helpful because you can keep it in your pocket or purse without worrying about accidentally setting it off.

The body is made with a non-slip rubber coating. It has a top end flashlight with 2 small metal prongs on each side. The internal battery can be recharged from home and the buttons to activate it are located on the same side of the device.

The flashlight uses a bright LED bulb and is very handy. The metal prongs are small and flat so make sure you’re sticking them to someone’s skin when activated. Penetrating clothing may be more difficult. As for charging the outlet prongs pop in and out from the bottom.

Pros & Cons: The taser is user-friendly and easy to use. Its small compact size is appealing for anyone not wanting to carry around a bulky taser. On the downside, the small size may make it more difficult to activate for some people.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Vipertek a good brand? – Yes! Vipertek is actually one of the best brands for handheld tasers. If you’re in the market for a handheld taser or stun gun then I think you’ll be more than satisfied with any of the Vipertek models.

Vipertek Vs Sabre? – Both companies make good products but I feel Vipertek comes out on top. From our research, we’ve seen more customers have issues and negative things to say about Sabre tasers than compared to Vipertek. Sabre seems to excel more in the pepper spray market.

Streetwise Vs Vipertek? – Streetwise makes a wider range of different types of tasers. They do make a good overall product as well. If you’re looking at a similar type of taser both companies create then I would go with Vipertek but for other options such as knuckle tasers or batons, you want to look at Streetwise.


I hope you found our Vipertek taser review very helpful and insightful. They definitely make some great tasers and we recommend you pick not only one up but a couple. In fact, pick one up for everyone in the family.

Please share this article with a friend. Thanks for reading!