Taser X26C Review

My Taser X26C review is designed to give you an accurate review and insight into the details and real-life application of the Taser X26C. I will go explain why I believe this taser is a great choice for your self-defense arsenal so you can walk away as a happy buyer and comfortable in knowing the protection of you and your loved ones is assured as best as possible with the proper equipment.

Things To Consider Before Buying:

The Taser X26C is a serious police-grade taser. It is modeled after the X26C that the police use in the force to subdue criminals. You can be sure that having this device at your side will greatly increase your chances of coming out of an adverse situation in a better position than your assailant.

If you are someone who frequently walks home alone at night or even into a parking garage to your car after work, you might want to consider owning this device. The good news is that crime is in a steady decline since 1990 but it is still happening. Until our police force across the country has it fully locked down, it’s a good idea to consider getting this taser as your personal bodyguard if you spend a lot of your time alone.

This electronic weapon is NOT a toy and should not be considered for purchase by people wanting to play a prank or are simply looking for revenge. The only lawful use of this device in all states is in a scenario where you are practicing justifiable self-defense to protect yourself or loved ones. There are ways to vent your anger such as signing up for martial arts classes or even buying or making your own punching bag.

If you are thinking about purchasing the X26C taser, there are a couple of things to consider. First, by the police force, tasers are considered “less-lethal” as opposed to “non-lethal”. This is largely due to the 1,000+ taser-related deaths that have been recorded. It is worthy to note that these deaths were investigated and a loose consensus found that the individuals that died were under the influence of drugs, mental illness, continued resistance, or were subject to multiple shocks.

However, it is important to consider this aspect of a taser if you are looking for a truly non-lethal product, in which case I may recommend a pepper spray, instead.

The Taser X26C

taser x26c review

The Taser X26C is a 50,000-volt taser with 2.1 milliamps of electrical current. It effectively overrides the central nervous system which severely limits muscular function.  Now, you might see other tasers boasting 100 million volts or 3 billion volts, but don’t be fooled. The voltage of an electrical charge allows the current to pass through heavy clothing and skin at about 25,000 volts. 

To keep things simple, when the 50,000 volts goes across the arc of the conducive prongs it will have a true voltage of about 25,000 volts which will allow the actual current to enter the assailant’s body and into their muscles. This is when the 2.1 amps take effect and hit your assailant with a ton of pain and lock up their muscles which causes them to lose their balance. 

When you purchase the device it comes with a long-life, replaceable battery. It states to last up to 300 firings, which is more than you should hopefully ever need in your taser. But! If your battery dies you can always purchase a replaceable one. The Taser X26C also comes equipped with a laser sight and six cartridges. The cartridge is what fires towards the assailant and sticks to them to shock them. It also comes with a holster so you always have it readily available!

The Taser X26C is the civilian model of the Taser X26 that is used by law enforcement. They are similar in design and specifications. One difference is that the X26C allows you to stack charges. This means that it has a 10-second cycle when you pull the trigger, but if you pull the trigger again during that 10 seconds it stack to 20 seconds and finally to 30 seconds with a third pull. The police version only has a 5-second non-stackable charge.

This device is specifically for people that are concerned about their self-defense. It is only to be used by people that feel that they may find themselves in a situation where they may need to defend themselves from violent crime. It is not for anyone who is looking to take advantage of a situation from an offensive position.


  • Provides a less lethal option to subduing violent assailants as opposed to a gun
  • Studies have shown that tasers are relatively safe to use, in proper conditions
  • Fewer regulations than purchasing a firearm, depending on the state


  • People who are on drugs, suffer from mental illness, or are overly excited have been found to potentially die from a taser shock
  • The prongs of an electrode can cause serious damage if hit in the eye or other sensitive areas

Common Questions:

Can I get rechargeable batteries for it?

There is no option for rechargeable batteries on it. The batter does last up to 300 firings when used on the 10-second mode. This would be 100 firings of full 30-second cycles. Also, as with all batteries, the life can be shorted in extreme conditions like extreme heat or extreme cold.

What if I end up firing and missing and they get too close to me?

The good news is if you miss your shot you still have an effective stun gun in your hands. Even without cartridges, pulling the trigger will still cause the electrical arc to cross the prongs on the taser and you simply need to press the head of the taser into your opponent and still get the desired effect.

 It’s worth it to advise you want to try to get them in the neck, but anywhere will work. And make sure to hold it for 3-5 seconds as best as you can.

Is the taser cartridge re-useable?

The taser cartridges are not re-useable. However, once they are fired into your assailant you can issue multiple cycles per trigger pull to the person until the battery life is drained. When a cartridge is fired, you won’t want to attempt to re-use. You will just want to reload 1 of the 5 remaining cartridges that come with the product.

How accurate is the taser?

The taser comes with an LED laser sight to greatly increase the accuracy of your shot. This will make it easier to ensure that your shot lands. If you still miss your shot, don’t worry! You still have the stun gun effect that you can utilize.

How do I check the battery life?

The taser X26C comes equipped with a battery button so you can press it and it will momentarily display the percentage of battery that is remaining. Keep in mind the battery is not rechargeable. Batteries can lose charge over time even without being used so it is best to check the battery level at least once every 6 months even if you have not used the taser.

Features Of The Taser X26C

15-foot reach

The taser will reach up to 15 feet and still be able to attach the prongs to the assailant to deliver the electrical current. This is the average range of all tasers currently available on the market. It’s a good idea to measure how far 15 feet is so you can get a feel for how far away your assailant can be and still be able to hit them. It’s probably further than you think!

LED Laser Light Sight

The laser light sight is awesome on this device and will really help you out when you’re in a stressful situation and actually need to land a shot.

10/20/30 Second Duration

This comes in really handy for you when you are in a high-stress situation. It allows you to relax a little and stack the charge by pulling the trigger 2 more times after landing the shot so that you can safely make your escape.

I wish I had this over my stun gun because I found it was really hard to hold a stun gun to someone who is trying to avoid it for 3-5 seconds when a friend and I simulated an attack for training purposes.

Contact Stun

I feel like this is my favorite feature of the taser as it makes sure that you have some form of defense even if you miss your shot and you’re unable to load the backup cartridge. After the cartridge is fired you can simply hold down the trigger and use it as a direct-contact stun gun.

Even if you land your shot, you might have a second opponent and this ensures you can take them both out and escape safely!

Compact Size

The device is designed to be compact. This is great for you because you don’t want to be carrying something around that is going to be a bulky piece of equipment that makes it difficult to handle when you need to use it. The dimensions of the taser with a cartridge installed comes in at 3.2 x 7.3 x 1.3 in which is Height x Length x Width.

What Other Customers Are Saying About The Taser X26C

After reading through what other customers have said about this taser, they all seem quite satisfied. All customers are stating that it works very effectively and one even said they’re buying another one!

One customer stated that after 1 year the battery life only drained by 20%. Having a backup battery would be a good idea but it implies that if we account for natural depreciation the battery life could still have up to a 4-year shelf life. 

There hasn’t been any negative feedback found on this taser and it consistently pops up as one of the top tasers of the market. Considering that the police use a different version of the same model, it’s easy to understand why it has received such good reviews.


Taser Pulse

The Taser Pulse is actually smaller than the Taser X26C which makes it more compact, weighing about 8 oz. However, the pulse only comes with 2 cartridges as opposed to the 6 cartridges you receive with the Taser X26C.

The safety and the sights are shaved to make it easy to holster it and remove it which could definitely come in handy. It also has a soft cover which will give it a more comfortable feel when holding the device.

It even comes with its own practice target! The last thing to note is that the replaceable lithium battery will only have half the life of the battery in the X26C.

This might be a better option if:

  • You want the most compact, highly rated taser available for discreet carrying purposes
  • You prefer a more comfortable feel as opposed to the X26C due to the soft cover
  • You desire a target to practice your aim

Taser Bolt

The Taser Bolt has similar characteristics to the X26C as most tasers on the market do. However, the Bolt only has one 30-second cycle as opposed to the optional 10/20/30 second of the X26C. It also doesn’t come with any extra cartridges other than the 2 included. Similar to the Pulse it is also more compact than the X26C with the soft protective covering.

It is the same police grade as the X26C so it would have the same specifications of 50,000 volts and an average of 2-3 milliamps. It also comes with a target to practice on like the Pulse!

This might be a better option if:

  • You prefer a more compact option for a more concealed carry
  • You don’t feel it necessary to have more than 2 extra cartridges at a time
  • You prefer the softer plastic covering for a more comfortable feel
  • You don’t need a holster with your taser

Taser X2 Professional Series

The nice thing with the Taser X2 Professional Series is that it comes with a backup shot already pre-loaded as opposed to the X26C. It also has a stronger LED laser (Class 3A laser) that is claimed to make the device more accurate.

The other worthy note about the X2 Professional Series is that it can use the back-up Stun Gun function without firing any cartridges that are loaded. This is done through the arc buttons located on both sides of the device that you would press simultaneously as opposed to pulling the trigger.

This is actually extremely useful because a tasers electrodes are most effective when they have time to spread out so that they affect the most amount of muscles of the person’s body.

This might be a better option if:

  • You aren’t confident in your aiming ability
  • You desire the stun gun component to be used without firing a cartridge in case the opponent is on top of you before you have a chance to fire
  • You aren’t confident in your ability to reload a cartridge if you were to miss a shot

There You Go!

I hope you enjoyed my Taser X26C review! Now you have an in-depth view of the X26C and also it’s available competition on the market today. Understanding the details of a self-defense weapon is very important to ensure your safety when you resort to your arsenal to defend yourself.

This taser will help you feel secure and safe by being a compact option that you won’t have to fumble with to use while simultaneously having a laser light to aim accurately and enough power to produce the desired effect of incapacitation. Check out the Taser X26C by clicking here!