Taser Brass Knuckles Review

Wrapping a taser around the outside of your knuckles sounds like the ultimate way to combat an attacker and defend yourself. In theory it seems like a solid choice to be able to punch and taser a target at the same time. In this taser brass knuckles review we’re going to find out if it works as good as we theorize.

Things To Consider Before Buying Something Like This

The first thing we recommend checking is if your state allows brass knuckles. Some of the biggest states such as California and Texas have made owning brass knuckles illegal. So, adding a taser to the top end of a pair of brass knuckles definitely isn’t going to make them legal.

With brass knuckles being regulated at the state level and sometimes illegal only in certain counties of a state we’ve chosen a device that’s legal in all states and functions the same way a brass knuckle taser would. We introduce and review the knuckle taser below.

Here’s some other things you may want to think about.

Is your goal to conceal the taser? If you need a taser you can conceal until it’s needed then brass knuckle tasers may or may not be for you. If you’re carrying a purse or backpack regularly then you can conceal them fine. Keeping them in your pocket is a little more difficult.

The pair in our review include a nylon holster so you could always carry them on your belt. However, at that point you’ve lost the whole concealment idea and then there are other models you could choose from if you’re going to hip carry.

What’s your reason for not going with another type of taser? There is plenty of quality made handheld tasers out on the market to choose from so why go for the knuckle taser? The idea of punching and tasering someone at the same time sounds great for self-defense but in reality its a bit more difficult and you can get better results from standard tasers.

However, that doesn’t mean the knuckle taser in our review doesn’t have its place.

Introducing The Police 519 Taser Brass Knuckle

taser brass knuckles review

This is the Police 519 knuckle taser and as you can tell it’s not exactly made of brass. It’s made of plastic and wraps around the middle part of your fingers while leaving your end finger out of the loop. At first glance this may appear as a less than effective design and compared to brass knuckles it obviously isn’t going to inflict the blunt force damage.

However, this is one device you shouldn’t judge by its cover. The power of knuckle taser doesn’t come from your punch but from the taser. It only takes a brief moment of contact from an active taser to drop a person to the ground.

When you purchase the Police 519 it’ll include a nylon belt holster and charger. You’ll never need to purchase any replacement parts as with some other tasers or stun guns. The battery can be recharged right from your home. Devices like this usually require charging a few hours a month without being used so make sure to keep your device’s battery topped off.

This device is also more suitable for someone used to punching or trained in fighting. Just because the natural motion of using the device requires a punch like action. Most people would be more comfortable using a standard taser which uses a straight forward poke like motion.

Even with the devices quirky usage, it is very effective. It’s small compact and easy to activate. Overall, it makes for a decent stun gun and worth the price to pick one up. Our recommendation is to own more than one taser and keep them in places you often frequent. Keep one in your gym locker, vehicle, and office as a few examples.


  • small, compact, easy to conceal.
  • powerful taser
  • affordable


  • not capable of blunt force damage
  • holster falls apart

Questions & Features

Does the flashlight remain lit while the taser is active?

No, when you squeeze the section in the palm of your hand to activate the taser the light will turn off. This is common with all handheld tasers.

Would this device be a good option for elderly people?

While handheld tasers are a better option than having nothing at all I would recommend using a cartridge taser capable of putting some distance between you and a potential threat. These tasers can shoot at a distance of 15 feet and that extra distance makes all the difference for how safe you’ll be.

Is the weight of this device comfortable enough to jog with?

Yes, the Police 519 knuckle taser isn’t very heavy and is comfortable to jog with. It’s actually a great option for jogging with since it’s wrapped around you fingers and sits in your palm. It’s ergonomic and comfortable and a great self-defense device for joggers.

If you taser someone with their arms around you would you also get tasered?

No, and this is a common fear from people who’ve never had to taser someone before. The electric current going into someone won’t transfer to you through their skin or touch. It’ll be contained within their person.

After using the taser does it require time to build up before it can be used again?

No, a handheld taser can be used repeatedly back to back. The only tasers you can’t use back to back are cartridge tasers that shoot at a distance. You can taser someone back to back as long as the barbed prongs are still in them but if they’re removed you’ll need to load a new cartridge since cartridges are one time use.

Is it safe to hold while sweating profusely?

Yes, as long as you don’t make direct contact to the prongs and activate the taser at the same time you won’t be tasered. So feel free to carry it during a sweaty jog.

Does it feel like it would break if used like brass knuckles?

At first glance it looks like it would but customers report that it would not break. People say they would feel comfortable enough to punch someone with it and the device hold up.

Will someone with large hands be able to wear it comfortably?

Yes, several men with large hands have reported back that they are able to equip the device fine and it’s comfortable. One individual gave additional information saying he wears a size 14 ring to give you an idea of how large his hands are.

If I have it in my pocket could it accidentally go off?

No, the device shouldn’t go off in your pocket. It requires a squeeze around the handheld part of the device in order to activate the taser. This shouldn’t happen in your pocket but also take into consideration what you’re wearing. I wouldn’t want to test it on skinny jeans.

Social Proof

These taser brass knuckles are highly rated by customers. Some of the most common references we came across were compliments on how ergonomic and comfortable these were compared to similar knuckle tasers. People enjoy the size of them and how they’re easy to conceal and haven’t experienced any accidental taser issues while in their pocket.

Some people go as far as to call the design clever and ingenious. It’s a big plus that they’re legal anywhere tasers are legal and don’t have any additional restrictions like real brass knuckles.

Some people weren’t satisfied with the power of the device. Even though the majority of people were happy with it there are enough people who aren’t that I felt we should bring it to your attention. The best description of power I came across by a user was this:

When tasering someone your results would be: a quick touch results in minor muscle contractions and has a repelling effect, 1-2 seconds of contact cause muscle contractions and a dazed look, 3-5 seconds causes muscle contractions and loss of balance and total physical and mental disorientation.

So, your results will be how long you’re able to hold the device to someone. Although this is a common theme with most handheld tasers and I wouldn’t let it sway you away. Even a quick tap with this device will make someone give a second thought to pursuing you.

Alternative Options To Taser Brass Knuckles

Vipertek VTS-989

The Vipertek VTS-989 is a standard handheld taser. It’s the taser design you’re most likely familiar with from seeing it in movies. It has molded finger grips on the body and is covered in a non-slip rubber. Its a great taser and one we recommend all through our site.

Some of the other features include a top end flashlight, wrist strap, and spiked electrode prongs. It’ll also come with a nice nylon holster and cable for recharging.

The flashlight is bright and would function well as an every day flashlight. Which is great for use at night while walking to and from your car or putting groceries away etc…

The wrist strap prevents snatch theft and the taser from being taken from you during a physical struggle. The sharp tipped prongs help penetrate through thick clothing. Typically, you want to aim for someone’s skin but if you’re unable to this device will be effective either way.

Overall, this is one of the main handheld tasers we recommend here on Taser Guide. It’s very affordable and you could keep one in different locations you frequent. They also make for great self-defense tools for teenage children.

Vipertek VTS-880

The Vipertek VTS-880 is a good alternative option if you need something compact and concealable. It’s a mini stun gun that’s capable of delivering a very strong stun. It’s designed in a rectangular body with flat top prongs and a top end flashlight.

The prongs are flat to prevent snagging in your pocket or in a purse and the light is strong and suitable for every day use. The body of the device is covered in a non-slip rubber coating but it doesn’t come with a wrist strap.

There’s no need to ever buy and replacement parts for this taser and the internal battery can be recharged right from home. You don’t even need a cable because there are outlet prongs located on the bottom end of the taser that allow it to go right into the wall and charge.

This is a great hassle free taser that can be easily concealed and charged anywhere. It’s a convenient option for someone wanting a small but powerful taser.

Taser Pulse

The Taser Pulse is our wildest alternative option to the brass knuckle taser because it has nothing in common with them but the Taser Pulse is an option you just have to consider. This is a taser capable of firing barbed prongs at a distance of 15 feet.

That is the ultimate form of self-defense and personal protection. When you can put any amount of space between you and an assailant you’re in a better position. You want to be able to subdue an aggressive person in a non-lethal manner and the Taser Pulse is a device capable of that.

Included when you purchase this device is 2 cartridges, a holster, and a target. So take that into consideration when looking at the price which is more expensive than any handheld taser.

The device itself is rather compact and easy to conceal. The areas around the safety switch and aim points have been smoothed down to prevent snagging when drawing it from your holster or if you happen to carry it in something like a purse.

Overall, this is a device we highly recommend you have at least one of. It’s just hard to argue against putting distance between you and someone else for your safety.


I hope you found this taser brass knuckles review helpful. It’s a great idea and we think the Police 519 model did end up pulling the job off quite well in a way that’s legal in more states. Either way, owning a taser is the best form of non-lethal self-defense you can have and we encourage everyone to own one.

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