Sabre Stun Gun Flashlight Review

With all the different stun guns available out there how do you know what brands are legit? Lucky for us there are a few good brands in the taser market. That’s what has lead us to this Sabre stun gun flashlight review. We’re going to break down the good and the bad about this product made for your personal protection.

What You Should Consider Before Buying

There are really two main things to consider before buying a Sabre flashlight and that’s what other types of tasers are out there that may better suit you and should you possibly go for a cartridge taser that’s capable of shooting up to 15 feet away.

When it comes to handheld tasers nearly all of them have a flashlight on the top end of them. So, the main reason for getting a flashlight taser should be for stealth. They’re great for people who work in an office or just want to take it anywhere and the surrounding people not know you’ve got a taser.

Stealth is the biggest benefit to this sort of taser design. If you don’t necessarily need stealth in a taser then there are better options out there available to you. We cover them at the bottom of this article with a short list of alternatives.

As for the second biggest thing to consider and that’s if you should get an actual stun gun capable of shooting at a distance. Adding that gap between you and an attacker makes any bad situation a lot safer.

These devices typically resemble an actual firearm but with yellow accents to let people know it’s not. They’re much more intimidating than a handheld taser and deliver the same results in the end but at 15 feet away.

The downside to them is that they’re more expensive than a handheld taser. The initial purchase is far higher and then there are replacement costs. The cartridges are one time use and the batteries also have limited usage before having to buy replacement parts.

My recommendation is to own one of each if you’re able to. Handheld tasers are great for going on a jog, keeping in the car, and training your teenage children to protect themselves with and they’re way more affordable. Then keep the other taser on your hip when you go out.

Even if you’re trained with firearms and carry one daily it doesn’t hurt to have a non-lethal option on your side. It’s that very reason you see police officers with tasers and a firearm.

Introducing The Sabre Stun Gun Flashlight

sabre stun gun flashlight review

The Sabre stun gun flashlight excels as a stealth device. It’s body and design leave no hints that it’s actually a powerful taser. It’s a full functioning flashlight with 130 lumens. It’s great for general everyday use or for keeping places like the trunk of your car when you’re getting groceries.

Anywhere you can think of keeping a normal flashlight makes an even better reason to keep a Sabre flashlight there. Plus, no one’s going to question a flashlight holstered to your belt. It’s just such a common everyday item that it makes it perfect to also be a taser.

This type of stealth taser is really ideal for anyone. If other tasers make you second guess getting one because of how they look or the ability to conceal one or not then go with a flashlight taser. Then you don’t have to worry about concealing it or taking it into the office etc…

Another thing I’d like you to consider is everywhere you visit often and if you should have a taser there. With these handheld tasers being so affordable it makes sense to have more than one. You can keep one in your gym locker, computer desk, and your vehicle to name a few spots.

Then you don’t have to worry about forgetting the only one you’ve got or even have to wear it on your belt everyday. You’ll always have one near you no matter where you’re going. You could pick up 5 of these and not hurt your wallet.

Questions & Features

Very Bright Flashlight

We always hope you never have to actually use your taser to defend yourself. The good thing is that even if you don’t have to defend yourself with the taser you can use the flashlight. The Sabre flashlight is a 130 Lumen LED light that you can use for general safety and illumination.

Unbearable Pain At A Touch

The stun delivered by this Sabre flashlight is rated at a 2.517 micro coulomb charge which is the industry’s strongest charge according to independent testing. Basically, you’re going to be able to drop a grown man to his knees in a quick second.

Push Button Operation

There’s no difficult button placement to activate the taser. It’s placed in a normal convenient spot that would be on any average flashlight except the button as an extra click in the slider switch that can activate the stun. One click it’s a flashlight and two clicks it’s a self-defense weapon.


The flashlight was designed with a flowing body that goes from wide top end to narrow center body. This helps give you a better overall grip. This design is probably more important than you may think because it makes it easier for you to hold onto and harder for someone else to take it from you.

Sturdy & Dependable

The entire Sabre flashlight is made from aircraft-grade aluminum for lightweight strength. When you hold this flashlight it feels solid and not cheap.


You can recharge this taser right from home and never have to purchase any replaceable parts. This is a great advantage over other tasers that require replacement cartridges after every use and replacement batteries after so many uses.

How long is this flashlight?

It’s about 7″ inches long which is the length of most standard handheld tasers. The micro and mini tasers can be as short as 3.5″ inches long.

Can you over charge the device?

Customers have charged their devices over night and long than expected without any issue. It doesn’t appear to cause any issues.

Does it come with a landyard?

No, it doesn’t come with a lanyard and there’s no opening to place your own. It does come with a nylon belt holster.

Are there charging indicator lights?

There’s a light that stays on when being charged but it doesn’t turn off at full charge.

Does the Sabre flashlight require batteries?

No, you don’t need any other batteries and the one inside the flashlight is rechargeable.

Social Proof

The best people to listen to for how good or bad a product is are the people who have owned it for a while. It’s human nature to talk about your bad experiences with a product compared to how good it is. If the product works as advertised and is fairly decent we tend to go on our own way. If it’s bad we’re more likely to say something in a review.

Overall, the general consensus is positive. Everything about the Sabre flashlight works as advertised. The biggest complaints people have are with charging it since there’s only one charge light and it doesn’t change or go out to indicate a full charge.

Alternatives To The Sabre Stun Gun Flashlight

Vipertek VTS-195

The Vipertek VTS-195 is also a flashlight taser and basically has everything the Sabre flashlight taser does. It’s LED bulb is bright, it’s rechargeable, and crafted from the same material.

The biggest reason to go with the VTS-195 instead of a Sabre flashlight taser is because of customer experience. More people are satisfied with the Vipertek than they are with the Sabre. This is because of a few different reasons but the main reason is the life of the device.

Vipertek’s flashlight taser seems to last longer in the long run. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason this is but it’s likely because of the type of wiring, battery, and internal parts used to create the product. On the outside they’re both very similar but going by customer reviews Vipertek holds up best.

Vipertek VTS-989

The Vipertek VTS-989 is a standard handheld taser that’s probably the best in its league. If you’re goal is effectiveness then the VTS-989 is what you want to go with. It isn’t a stealth taser so people will know what you’ve got but that’s just going to keep an attacker away and that’s what you want anyhow.

The body of this taser has molded finger grips, non-slip rubber coating, and the top end has a flashlight. So, you can still use it at night or as a light like the Sabre one but it’s just not disguised.

It also comes with a wrist strap to prevent snatch theft or someone taking it from you in a scuffle. The electrode prongs are tough metal with sharp ends. These sharped tipped ends are something we don’t see enough of on handheld tasers but they help you to penetrate through thick clothing.

The switches are on opposite ends of the device which I think is a plus. The thumb switch activates the light and can ready the taser for usage. Then the action button is placed near your pointing finger on the other side of the taser. This feels more comfortable than having the button on the same side because it’s more closely related to how a gun is laid out.

Overall, the VTS-989 is a force to be reckoned with and I own a few of these myself. I have no doubt they will perform well if you should ever have to use them. The device also comes with a nylon belt holster and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Taser Pulse

The Taser Pulse is a taser capable of shooting up to 15 feet away. Its body and design look like an actual firearm except for the yellow accents around the cartridge door and safety switch. I’ve placed this taser on the alternative list because we encourage you do eventually own one.

While a Sabre flashlight is capable of protecting you the Taser Pulse can protect you at an additional 15 feet. There’s no substitute for the added safety that distance provides.

The Taser Pulse comes with 2 live cartridges, a protective soft cover, and a target. The device is subcompact which makes it easy to conceal or carry on your hip in a belt holster. The safety and iron sights are angled to prevent snagging when drawing it or storing it in a purse or other area.

The device also has a front end red LED laser light to improve your precision. With the cartridge out of the device you can use it to dry stun someone by pressing the front base to their skin.

Overall, this is our favorite and most recommended taser. It’s more pricey then a handheld taser but if you can eventually pick one up do so. It’s the best non-lethal alternative to using a firearm.


I hope you found our Sabre stun gun flashlight review useful and insightful. Our aim is to not only review the product but to educate you on alternative options and features so that you can make the best decision. If you end up going with a Sabre flashlight it will make for a great form of personal protection.

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