Ruger 800v Stun Gun Review

If you’re reading this odds are you’re a lover of guns and when you found out Ruger had a stun gun it peaked your interest. I must admit I was excited myself when I found out. This is our Ruger 800v stun gun review and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this taser.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Ruger 800v

The Ruger 800v should be classified as a taser instead of a stun gun if going by our definition. Stun guns are capable of shooting barbed prongs at a distance, typically 15 feet, and sticks into your targets skin. This puts a gap between you and an attacker and is a big benefit to your personal safety.

This device isn’t capable of shooting at a distance and requires you to be in hands reach of the person. That doesn’t mean it’s not an effective taser because it’ll still drop a grown man to his knees but correctly identifying what it does is important.

On the plus side this taser is very compact and easy to hold. It will fit into a fist grip nicely and with the wrist strap it’ll be near impossible for someone to take it out of your hands. Especially while you’re sending the 800,000 volts of electricity through their body.

The Ruger 800v is ideal for someone who needs a taser that’s easy to bring place to place, doesn’t require a lot of space, and is easy to conceal. And while we do like this taser we feel there are better alternatives on the market like the Vipertek VTS-880.

The Vipertek VTS-880 for one is still being produced. It has all the qualities you’re looking for that were in the Ruger 800v but it’s also higher quality for a taser. It’s small, concealable, and very powerful. It’s one of Vipertek’s most popular handheld tasers and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

Introducing The Ruger 800v Stun Gun

ruger 800v stun gun review

This is the Ruger 800v stun gun and what it looks like. It’s quite clear this device should be labeled a taser and not a stun gun. However, the device does what it claims and that’s to deliver 800,000 volts of electricity to your target. It’s equipped with 2 thick and sturdy tipped prongs that allows the electrical current to run between them.

The prongs on a taser make a difference for how it can be used. The solid prongs like the ones on this device help penetrate through thick clothing. If your taser uses the flat prongs you’ll want to make sure you’re getting direct skin contact for best results.

Included with the Ruger 800v is a wrist strap which is great for avoiding being disarmed and snatch theft. It also comes with a quality holster that will allow you to carry it on your side or keep it in your pocket or purse without worrying about it accidentally going off.

There are also 2 lithium batteries included but these require replacing over time. This taser also features 2 bright LED lights that can be used for seeing at night, a molded handle with non-slip rubber for gripping, and while it was being produced was a very solid product.

If you’re heart broken over the Ruger 800v stun gun not being available anymore then take a look at this alternative to the Ruger 800v. It’s the Vipertek VTS-880 and it’s a better taser overall by comparison.

Questions & Features

Does the taser come in different colors?

Ruger made this taser available in both black and pink. Since tasers in general have a wide appeal to both men and women they wanted to appeal to everyone. Each color also included a holster of a matching color.

With the taser being so small, will it perform the same?

Yes!, the size of the taser actually doesn’t change how it will perform. Performance is effected by the amount of voltage and type of prongs used to make contact with someone. Other than that the inside mechanics used to make a taser work are quite simple and can be put into different types of casings and designs.

This is what allows us to have stealthy tasers that look like a flashlight or one small enough to fit on a keychain and still pack the same amount of voltage.

If approached by more than one person can you use it twice?

Yes!, a taser doesn’t require any type of reloading to be activated a second time. You can use the taser back to back until the battery runs out if you wanted. This is one of the advantages of a taser over a stun gun.

Most stun guns require reloading after being fired if you need to taser a second target. Few stun guns are capable of shooting twice for a second target without requiring a reload.

Will it stop a dog without hurting it?

If you were to use your stun gun on a dog it would feel the pain but there would be no permanent damage. It’s the same idea behind shock collars. It would potentially stop an aggressive dog but I would recommend a stun baton if you’re dealing with aggressive animals on a regular basis.

Does the voltage really matter?

Voltage only matters up to a certain point. If you’re trying to decide between 700,000 and 800,000 volts it’s really not going to make much of a difference. Most tasers have voltage in the hundreds of thousands and pretty much all of them are going to take someone to the ground.

Voltage isn’t what causes permanent damage. That would be AMP’s and it doesn’t take many amps to actually kill someone. High amperage will stop someone’s heart. High voltage is going to give them the worst muscle cramp through their entire body they have ever experienced in their life.

Alternatives To The Ruger 800v Stun Gun

Unfortunately, you’re likely to not find a Ruger 800v stun gun for sale. They’re not making them anymore and finding one still sitting around just may not happen. The good news is there are many great alternatives to the Ruger 800v to choose from and we’re going to introduce our 3 favorites.

Vipertek VTS-880

The Vipertek VTS-880 is a small compact taser that packs quite a punch. If you like the Ruger 800v because of it’s size and convenience then getting this device instead just makes sense. The body is covered in a non-slip rubber coating and the top end has a bright LED flashlight.

Speaking of convenience this taser has a built in outlet prongs that rotate out and go right into the wall. If you don’t use the taser at all you’ll need to charge it 1-2 hours per month to keep it topped off. There’s no need to buy and replacement parts or cartridges for this device.

Overall, we think this is probably the most suitable alternative option to the Ruger 800v. We love pretty much everything about it.

Vipertek VTS-989

The Vipertek VTS-989 is your standard size handheld taser. It’s the type you’re most likely familiar with and have seen in the movies. It’s roughly 6.5″ inches long and has a molded hand grip. The hand grip is also covered in a non-slip rubber for better gripping.

It’s other features include a wrist strap to prevent it being taken from you. The top end is equipped with a flashlight for use at night. This way to someone unknowing it would appear you’re only holding a flashlight and they really won’t know what hit them.

The prongs on the top end are sharp tipped electrodes that help penetrate through thick clothing. Since this taser is very affordable we always recommend picking up a couple of them and keeping them in places you frequent often. Good places would be the gym, office, and your car in addition to one by your bedside.

Vipertek VTS-195

The Vipertek VTS-195 is a taser disguised as a flashlight. The flashlight part of this device is very bright and works well. This is ideal for someone wanting to be completely stealthy and keep people around them from knowing they’re packing a taser.

There’s no need for any replacement parts and the taser can be charged right from home. With the idea behind the Ruger 800v being small size and concealment it makes complete sense to go for a taser that doesn’t look like a taser at all.

Customers that have live tested this device have dropped grown men to their knees in a quick second. On the downside it’s more difficult to keep in your pocket compared to the VTS-880 model and Ruger 800v and doing so would make it easier to accidentally taser yourself.


I hope you found our Ruger 800v stun gun review useful and informative. With this stun gun no longer being made you would have to find it somewhere like eBay but, you would be best off going with a completely different option and any of the alternatives on our list make a suitable pick.

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