how many amps in a taser

How Many AMPs Are In A Taser?

So you’re curious about how many amps are in a taser? Perhaps you are curious how a taser issues a ‘stunning’ shock without causing lethal permanent damage? Or maybe you’re just confused about the difference between voltage and amps in a taser and how a taser actually works? Regardless of which question applies to you, … Read more

where can i buy a taser in nyc

Where Can I Buy A Taser In NYC?

In today’s chaotic world it is only natural to feel the need to protect ourselves. Are you in New York City and looking for a taser to help you feel safe while going through your day to day life? Maybe you’re looking through the markets of NYC and finding it difficult to find a taser … Read more

can a taser be used as a defibrillator

Can A Taser Be Used As A Defibrillator?

Now, I know some of you may be wondering why exactly someone would be asking this sort of question. How many normal people actually carry around a taser in case of an emergency? And if there’s a cop around with a taser, couldn’t he just call an ambulance to get a defibrillator instead of taking … Read more

what happens when you taser someone

What Happens When You Taser Someone?

Maybe you’re considering getting a taser for your own personal protection or are just curious about what happens when you taser someone. Either way, we highly encourage taser ownership here at Taser Guide. If you’re worried about the unknown and what happens while someone is going through the pull of a taser trigger, don’t because … Read more