how long does a taser shock last

How Long Does A Taser Shock Last?

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what is the difference between a taser and a stun gun

What Is The Difference Between A Taser And A Stun Gun?

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can you carry a taser in california

Can You Carry A Taser In California?

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how long does a stun gun incapacitate

How Long Does A Stun Gun Incapacitate

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how many volts are in a police grade taser

How Many Volts Are In A Police Grade Taser?

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when can a police officer use a taser

When Can A Police Officer Use A Taser?

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will a stun gun work on a dog

Will A Stun Gun Work On A Dog?

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Will A Taser Work On A Bear?

If you’re an avid camper, hiker, or wildlife lover like me, I’m sure you may have asked yourself this question before. If a bear wanders into your encampment, what are your options for protection? Will a taser or stun gun work in an emergency in the middle of the woods? If you’re a law enforcement … Read more

can you carry a taser in michigan

Can You Carry A Taser In Michigan?

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can a security guard carry a taser

Can A Security Guard Carry A Taser

Are you a security company looking to arm your personnel? Are you a security guard yourself reviewing possible self defense weapons for your job? You might be considering a taser gun. Can a security guard carry a taser? A taser gun is a great weapon for immobilizing an attacker. It might be the best tool … Read more