Can You Take A Taser On A Plane?

Traveling by airplane can sometimes be a headache and it’s best to know beforehand what you can and can’t take on a plane. Are you getting your itinerary ready and want to know what you can bring on the plane? Can you take a taser on a plane? Are you going to a new area you’ve never been before and would feel more comfortable knowing you’ll have your taser at your side?

These are all valid questions and I’m glad you’re checking the information out to make your life easier. It’s important to find out what the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is looking for when they’re going through your bags so you don’t have to change plans last minute because you brought something they disagree with. I will ensure that you make it to your destination with the taser that you left home with!

To answer the question directly, you can get your taser on to the plane in a checked bag so that it will show up with you at your destination. However, it MUST be in a checked bag. TSA will not allow you to have the taser on your person or in a carry-on bag. If you find yourself in the security line and realize you have your taser in your carry-on then it would be best to remove yourself from the security line and have your carry-on checked. Otherwise, you will have to relinquish the taser or simply not go on your flight if you still have the device on you. 

can you take a taser on a plane

So, Can I Bring My Taser?

Yep! You can definitely bring the taser along. On TSA’s website, they show that you are allowed to bring a stun gun and other electronic shocking devices. The only rule that is surrounding them is that the electronic weapon MUST be in a checked bag. This means that the bag is checked when you confirm your flight with the attendant at the counter for your respective airlines.

Did you know? You can even bring a firearm on the plane with you as long as its unloaded and checked! Ammunition is fine as well, but they don’t allow gun powder or percussion caps. I would assume it’s probably because the gun powder is volatile and explosive which isn’t something you really want on a plane.

Ok, Well I Accidentally Put My Taser In My Carry-On

If you accidentally place it in your carry on and find yourself in the security line with it you can always check your carry on bag if you have the time. If you don’t have the time and absolutely have to get on the flight then TSA is going to confiscate the taser. Sorry, but those are the rules they live by!

Remember, a carry-on is specifically something you carry with you, through the terminal, onto the plane and place above your head in the compartment or at your feet. This does not include the bags you relinquish at the counter before you go through security.

If your item was confiscated, don’t worry! All hope is not lost! There’s a website called that allows you to purchase items that the government has confiscated. Basically, when TSA confiscates your items the states purchase it from TSA and then sell it on this website to make some extra cash. You can just search for your taser and see if it pops up!

And anyway, even if you aren’t looking for your confiscated item this website still has some pretty sweet deals on basically anything you can think of!

Making Your Airport Experience Easy!

So now we know we need to check the taser and it can’t be brought in a carry-on bag. That helps! But just to make sure your airport experience is fluid and snag-free, I wanted to get you set up with the awesome checklist that TSA has put together and provided for you.

If you follow the link it takes you right to the checklist and guides you all the way from before you pack your bags at home to getting through the screening process. Can we say, easy?!

Here’s a video by TSA giving you a visual process of how to prepare your carry-on luggage for an easy screening process:

TSA’s 3.4 oz Rule

After getting to this point you might be wondering, why are they so strict? It might seem like a hassle, but we understand that the underlying point is for our own safety. But what about the 3.4 oz rule for liquids? What am I going to do with a bottle of water that is 3.5 oz that I can’t do with 3.2 oz?

Well, the reason turns out to be pretty simple. TSA arrested a group of individuals that were going to try and blow up a plane with chemicals combined into a sports drink. After the event, TSA did rigorous testing on chemicals to find out that it required at least 3.4 oz to be able to create the explosive reaction. 

So, yea. That’s why! The more you know, the less you’ll be frustrated and will hence create an even smoother flying experience for you.

Back To The Taser

As a final note about the taser, since you’ll have it in your checked back you’ll want to make sure it’s loaded in properly. Basically, this means you want the cartridges unloaded and the safety switched to the off position. This will make sure that it doesn’t accidentally fire a cartridge while getting jostled around by airplane attendants that are loading your bag or turbulence from the plane during the flight.

If you’re realizing you didn’t unload your taser before you checked your bag and you’re already going through security, don’t worry about it. It’s not going to cause any issue to the plane or TSA wouldn’t let you take it. I’m only mentioning for you to do this so you don’t accidentally waste a cartridge by it misfiring, which isn’t a huge deal as long as you have backups.

So just chill and enjoy the ride!

That’s All!

Now you know that you can take a taser on a plane! At this point, you will be feeling super confident about your future travel plans! It’s nice to know that you will be able to bring your taser along to any destination. You also have more details on how to get through the airport and onto your plane very easily, which overall, is a huge help! Lastly, remember to unload the cartridge and turn the safety on! Happy flying!

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