The 5 Best Tasers For Home Defense

A good taser can be a great form of home defense. There are also several reasons you may want to choose a taser to pair with a firearm and rock solid reasons to choose a taser over blunt force objects. Either way, you need to protect your home and your property so here’s our guide on the best taser for home defense.

ProductOur RatingScenario
Taser Pulse4.8 / 5Our Pick
Taser Bolt4.5 / 5Alternative
Taser X26C4.8 / 5Professional Series
O-Mega Stun Baton4.2 / 5Blunt Force & Taser
Vipertek VTS-9894.0 / 5Handheld Backups

Tasers Vs Firearms For Home Defense

A taser can’t replace a firearm when it comes to protecting your home. The simple sound of a 12 gauge pump shotgun sliding the rack back and forth is often enough to run anyone away. There’s nothing that comes to mind that would be better than a firearm.

However, a taser has its place alongside that firearm. It’s the best non-lethal alternative that will keep you safe. It’s for that very reason why police officers and other professionals carry them.

If someone is breaking into your home it is at your discretion to either use a firearm or a taser but personally I’m going to shoot them. Then a taser becomes a great way to keep them subdued until the authorities arrive to carry them away.

If you’re not trained or are uncomfortable using firearms then a taser is the best alternative for home defense. You can use a taser knowing death won’t be the outcome and with that in mind you’ll be able to train and learn to use one effectively.

Tasers Vs Other Forms Of Home Defense

There are many other ways you could also protect your home. There are blunt force objects such as baseball bats, crowbars, and metal pipes you could use. There’s also pepper spray, kitchen knives, etc…

The problem with these other forms of home defense is they require you to get in hands reach of someone. A baseball bat sounds like an OK idea until you swing once and have it taken from you. The better idea is to pair your bat or what ever you choose with your taser.

If someone breaks into your home and you taser them with a stun gun which typically has a shooting distance of 15 feet then you can take your advantage and use your bat. The goal should be to subdue the target and disarm them if they’re carrying a weapon.

In that brief moment of taser pain they’re not gonna be able to do much else. That’s when you need to disarm them. If you aren’t going to disarm them then you need to escape immediately. It’s a tough call but people are put into these sort of situations every day and one day it could easily be you.

Why The Law Around Defending Yourself Sucks

Unfortunately, we live during a time where you can land yourself in jail for having to defend yourself. It’s almost absurd to think about but it happens all the time. You can sit in front of a judge that has to determine if you used excessive force when it boiled down to your life or someone else’s.

This is a huge reason why the taser is a great choice for defending yourself. It’s the ultimate form of non-lethal self-defense and it’s why police and other professionals carry them. Because there are many situations which require something to defend yourself that isn’t a firearm.

You can use a taser to subdue someone without worry about it causing permanent damage. There have been many tests performed and studies done and a taser doesn’t effect someone heart. It causes their muscle to contract and release over and over for 5-30 seconds.

The only real damage that can happen is from their fall to the ground. If they hit their head hard on concrete or something like that. Actual damage from the taser itself isn’t going to happen.

Teaching Your Family To Use Tasers

If you’re going to use tasers as part of your home defense strategy then I encourage two things. One you need to own more than one taser and keep them in different areas of your home. Handheld tasers are very affordable and there’s no reason you can’t pick up several for key areas of your house when it comes to your safety.

The second thing I encourage you to do if you have a family is to teach them how to use a taser. Train your children on the importance of them, how to use them effectively, and how to be responsible with them. Then you can keep one in each kids closet or dresser.

As for stun guns, a taser capable of shooting at distance, there should be at least one in your home. I recommend only the adults use the stun gun. It’ll also be difficult to train children with a stun gun since each cartridge only fires once and needs replacing after every shot.

If you’re serious about your family being protected then take the time to show them how to use these devices. It also gives them something they can take with them while going out. If your teenagers are responsible and you want them safe a taser is the way to go.

Reviewing The Best Tasers For Home Defense

best taser for home defense

Below we have put together 5 different tasers and stun guns that are great for self-defense and protecting your home. Again, we encourage you pick up multiple of these devices to keep around your house. Here’s how breakdown and thoughts on these tasers.

Taser Pulse

The Taser Pulse is one of our favorite stun guns around here at Taser Guide. It’s designed to resemble a gun with flush features around the aim points and safety. This makes it a little easier for women that want to tote one around in their purse so it doesn’t snag.

The taser body is black with yellow accents. It includes 2 cartridges and a handy holster. This way you have a backup shot and can carry it on your hip if you wanted. It also has a red LED laser light to improve your aiming precision.

You get an effective shooting distance of 15 feet. Which makes a big difference in controlling a situation and your safety. Like other stun guns it will require replacement cartridges and batteries. Cartridges are a one time use and batteries vary from taser to taser. This model has a 50 shot capacity before requiring a new battery.

This taser could also easily be mistaken for an actual handgun. This can be a good thing when facing an intruder but could be an issue with police. If you’re ever pulled over make sure to keep your hands on the steering wheel and notify them that it’s a taser not a firearm.

Pros & Cons: A stun gun that can taser your target from a distance is a big advantage instead of having to get in hands reach. If you are in hands reach you can dry stun them by pressing the front end of the taser without a cartridge to their skin. The downside is they require replacement parts time to time but it’s worth it to be safe.

Taser Bolt

The Taser Bolt is another stun gun on our list but isn’t designed to resemble a firearm. If you’re looking for a stun gun you want to carry in public without it looking like a gun then the Taser Bolt could be what you’re after.

The body is a sleek curve design of one solid piece. It’s black with a large yellow front door for the cartridge. It’s equipped with a front end flashlight and red LED laser light. It has an effective shooting range of 15 feet which is ample room to escape after tasering someone.

The front of the stun gun has a child proof safety door that keeps the action end concealed until you’re ready to use it. The device has a set duration of 30 seconds to disable your target. That’s a 30 second full body muscle cramp for someone which for them will feel like hours.

I like this stun gun mostly for its body and design. While it’s other features are on par with other stun guns the body and design being different is a good thing. It’s an option for everyone else that doesn’t want to look like they’re running around with a gun.

Pros & Cons: While we love the design some customers said the stun gun was a little awkward to hold and shoot. It’ll also require replacement cartridges and only comes with 1 at time of purchase. Everything else we love about this device.

Taser X26C

The Taser X26C is a professional series taser often carried by people in the security and law enforcement career. That doesn’t mean you can’t own on yourself and in fact you should highly consider this as your stun gun of choice.

It’s bright yellow so even though it’s designed like a gun it’ll be obvious it’s not. This is great if you encounter law enforcement or just don’t want everyone around you assuming you’re packing. It’s equipped with a safety switch and an adjustable stun duration.

You can set the duration to 10, 20, or 30 seconds. It has a firing range of 15 feet and includes 6 cartridges and a holster with purchase. It’s compact and the battery is good for 300 firings before needing to be replaced.

Considering replacement cartridges average $70 for a 2 pack make sure to consider that since this taser includes 6 of them. The gun holds 2 cartridges at once. One in the chamber ready to go and the second can be held as a spare in the handle.

Having a spare in the handle can make a huge difference. Some other stun gun models don’t hold spares and they’re still one shot use. So either make sure you don’t miss or get the X26C.

Pros & Cons: This stun gun holds a spare cartridge in the handle. It has an adjustable stun duration. It comes with 6 cartridges. There weren’t any common negative issues we could find for this stun gun.

O-Mega Stun Baton

The O-Mega Stun Baton is exactly like it sounds. It’s a blunt force, very sturdy, 18″ inch long baton that tasers in a complete 360 degrees around the baton. It’s like having a small baseball bat that’s capable of delivering 150,000 volts into someone.

I really like this as a taser home defense option. I imagine one of these being in everyone’s closet and once an adult has the intruder subdued the whole family is equipped with these in their hands ready to go if he tries to escape.

This isn’t a flimsy lightweight device. It’s an industrial level, heavy-duty baton. It’s not a taser you would be able to easily conceal or walk around with without catching a few stares. It’s more suitable for home defense or possibly keeping one in the trunk of your car.

The shaft is equipped with a strap to prevent someone from taking it from you. It’s used worldwide by military forces, law enforcement, security, and animal control agencies.

Pros & Cons: As for home defense this makes a great option for those in arms distance. We still recommend a stun gun for the 15-foot advantage but this baton as a backup is ideal. On the negative side, you don’t want to carry this around in public because it isn’t easy to conceal and appears threatening.

Vipertek VTS-989

The Vipertek VTS-989 is your standard handheld taser. It’s the one you’re likely the most familiar with seeing. It’s about 6.5″ inches long with a black body and 2 prongs on the end for the current to run between.

We like this taser because it’s simple and easy to use. It’s the one everyone inherently knows how to use from seeing it in movies. It’s also very affordable, easy to conceal, and requires no replacement parts.

This taser can be recharged right at home using a standard outlet. Between the 2 prongs on the top of the device is also a flashlight you can use during the night. The bottom has a wrist strap to prevent snatch theft.

The 2 electrode prongs have a sharp tipped end to help penetrate through thick clothing. During live tests this taser has dropped grown men in a quick second. This taser is affordable enough to keep one everywhere you frequent such as your office, gym locker, trunk of the car, and anywhere else you can think of.

Pros & Cons: With this taser being very easy to understand and use it will be easy to train teenagers to defend themselves with it. It comes with a case so it won’t be exposed if stored in dressers or closets. The downside is you lose the ability to stun at a distance.

Commonly Asked Questions

Will tasering a home intruder knock them out? – It could potentially knock them out for some time but, not typically unless they fall and hit their head hard. Tasering an intruder provides you with an opportunity to take a second action. You can either disarm them and subdue them or escape the house.

Can I taser someone back to back? – Yes, and you won’t cause permanent damage to them. If you’re using a stun gun you can do this from a distance as long as the barbed prongs are still connected to them and your taser.

Do tasers require any maintenance? – The only thing you’ll have to upkeep is the charge on your taser for the rechargeable ones. If you don’t use them they’ll still need to be charged 1-2 hours per month to top off.


I hope you enjoyed our article on the best taser for home defense. It’s a complex subject with varying opinions but tasers are very effective personal protection devices and have a solid place on home protection. They’re best used alongside a firearm but if a firearm isn’t something you’re comfortable with a taser is the next best thing.

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